5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To The University Of Toronto

Making decisions can be really hard, especially when it comes to your future. When you are in high school or you are finishing up that gap year you took, deciding where to go for university can be so intimidating. You obviously don’t want to make the wrong decision but with so many options how can you really make any decision. Maybe you have an idea of a few schools because of the program you want to go to or from your visits. Here are 5 reasons why I chose to go to the University of Toronto and why it should be number 1 on your list!

1.Academic Programs

The University of Toronto is well known for it’s high leveled academics. When I began narrowing down my choice, it was a big deal for me to be attending a school with high regard for academics. Especially, if you are coming straight from high school, you have to think about picking a university more seriously. You are coming from having school fees covered for you most likely, to paying for your education. By making such a leap, you want to ensure that you are getting the absolute most bank for your buck, whether your buck is yours, your parent’s or your student loan’s.

One thing that really draws people to this school whether they realize it or not, is how hard the school is in regards to academics. As students, we tend to compete and we need to in order to secure a good job once we graduate. Being able to say that “I graduated from one of the hardest schools” is huge. The University of Toronto does not just limit itself to having excellent academic programs in 1 or 2 areas but in a plethora of subjects. U of T students often say that “getting into U of T is easy and staying in, is the hard part”. This is definitely true once you start your first year at U of T.


Even though, this sounds extremely intimidating, it is actually a compliment. You were chosen to come here for a reason and despite all the other people who dropped out or transferred, you stayed and completed it all. Why not have the advantage of attending a great program, I mean you are paying for it!

2. Reputation

The University of Toronto’s reputation is another huge reason why attending here was my top priority. Even though, people may tell you that other schools have great programs as well and the education is not that much different, it’s the school’s name that sets you apart of the rest. The University of Toronto is rated number 1 in all of Canada and sits at 22 worldwide according to this year’s rankings. This is not something you take lightly. I knew that once I graduated from university, I needed an edge, I needed something that made me stand out; the University of Toronto was just that. It does not matter whether you are privileged or not, domestic or international, the University of Toronto’s name automatically sets you ahead.


It is a university that is not only known internationally but that is respected internationally and holds a lot of prestige. Just like they say in marketing that branding yourself and creating a name is huge to companies remembering you, so is associating yourself with a well-known and accepted brand. By attending the University of Toronto, I knew that I would inherit these prestige and reputation. The U of T brand imposes intelligent, hard-workers whom will continuously strive for excellence. Isn’t that something you want associated with your name?


Location was a huge thing for me. I had my choices to go to the states or Western or McGill but I chose U of T. Being in Toronto was a huge grab for me. The city is always so lively, you can always be doing something or meeting new people. This immediately drew me to the university. Not only would I be getting a great education from a prestige university but it is located in the amazing 6ix. I did not grow up in a small town really and I grew up super close to Toronto but something about the city just draws you in. It’s a big city with loads of opportunity and fun.

There’s a bunch of bars, food places, activities and it’s home to some big names like Drake the 6ix God, Nina Dobrev from Vampire Diaries and Norm Kelly, the Twitter famous city counsellor. Toronto is just one of those cities that understands the youth and carters to it in multiple ways. The music scene is incredible, the art/photography scene is intriguing and the food is endless. By coming to the University of Toronto, you allow yourself to get established & immersed into the culture here.

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Not only does being a University of Toronto student give you access to the city but also opens doors for multiple jobs and internships whether through the school or not. This year alone by being a University of Toronto student & employee, I got to work Centre Court during the NBA All-Star Weekend and I got to work OVO Bounce which is a basketball tournament run by Drake and other affiliates.


4. Networking & Connections

In your university career, you are suppose to apply yourself and build up yourself. The University of Toronto opens up so many doors, we do not even realize. Many of the alumni from U of T are well established and are always looking to give back to their fellow students. I have been exposed to amazing internships and jobs just through my fellow U of T students, faculty & alumni. Not only have these jobs and internships built up my resume but they have allowed me to put my foot in the door in terms of Toronto as a city. Unlike my fellow students who have to go back to London for school or Montreal, I am able to stay here and build these connections. I am also able to easily attend networking events in the city that most away from here would not have the opportunity for.

5.Research Opportunities

The University of Toronto is one of those few campuses with a huge push for academic research. This allows for us to have some amazing professors doing amazing work. Most of the time, professors will look to their students to help them in their research endeavors. These opportunities tend to be once in a lifetime and can have serious benefits. These opportunities allow you to create connections with professors that can help with grad school, employment, experience and much more. I chose U of T f to put me ahead and these research opportunities are a huge advantage.

U of T has so much to offer, do not let the idea of tough academics stop you from creating an incredible lifetime. Remember, you’re paying for this experience and to set up your future, so why not have the best experience possible in one of the most interesting, thriving cities out there!

I chose the University of Toronto for a variety of reasons but these 5 reasons why I chose to go to the University of Toronto were the most important!
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Danika Baljak

Hi my name is Danika and I am a second year U of T student doing a double major in Indigenous Studies & Philosophy with a minor in Spanish. I am an avid traveler who's lucky to call Toronto & Croatia home. When my school isn't taking over my life, I do my best to get involved in U of T's many communities whether that be student politics for my college Woodsworth or campus Greek life as I am in a sorority. Journalism has always sparked my interest and what better way to enhance my university experience than to enhance yours. Keep updated about campus life with all the tips, tricks and new ways to view U of T!

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