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10 Reasons Why Being A Communications Major Sucks

10 Reasons Why Being A Communications Major Sucks

This slightly comedic article serves as an itemized list of downsides to being a Communications major in environments where this major can considered less than ideal.

Not every major is a lavish affair. Every college student takes a moment to reflect during their major to count all the way it sucks and now we take a magnifying to see all the downsides of a Communications major.

1. Not Immediately Glamorous

Some imposing majors are easy to bust out in casual conversation: altruistic doctors, crafty engineers, classy lawyers, etc. Meanwhile saying you’re in Communications is like saying “I like a band that uses instruments”. Its potential is not readily apparent and the subject is almost unheard of by most so you better prepare your answers.

2. Not Immediately Practical

Most popular Majors in university/college have a few uses outside of their overarching ones but Communications is one of the many available disciplines that seem to be waste of time and another way to saddle yourself with cumbersome loans.


3. Your Functions Aren’t Obvious

Despite the large scope Communications covers, it’s hard to find people who readily know what it means so you end up in situations where employers and random people think you’re a call center specialist which prompts to rant on and on about the large scope it bears. This can make these same individuals believe that it’s more of a middle ground in all of these fields.

10 Reasons Why Being A Communications Major Sucks

4. It Seems to Be a Compromise

Do you want to be in politics, entertainment, or psychology but don’t have outstanding grades or the motivation to dedicate yourself to these other options? Just pick up a Communications major! An underlying thought that a few individuals studying in this field seem to believe is the idea that this major is the bargain brand version of whatever they wanted to enter in originally: almost the same thing with half of the original’s quality or flavor!


5. You Get Menial Jobs

It’s an obvious truth that everyone has to start at the bottom of the ladder but there seems to be an odd pattern of students in Communications that seem to be picked up only by call centers whenever it’s time to find a job that requires your varied skillset.

6. The Good Jobs Are Hard to Get

But of course, there are few options that make this major worth it by the end! However, it’s a pain to acquire some of them in fields like law or media while competing with your peers for these illustrious jobs or enter the field in the first place.

10 Reasons Why Being A Communications Major Sucks


7. The Employment Rate

One to thing to avoid thinking about in this field is the hard time you might have out in the real world trying to find a lucrative job to pay all those bills you’re dealing with after your education. Which might be a bit difficult due to our next item…

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8. No A Lot of Help

The Internet is absolutely littered with countless guides, extensive tutorials, and downloaded textbooks from countless disciplines. Which makes the absence of these resources in certain fields all the more glaring.


9. No Public Figures

Let’s do a quick survey: how many famous people have graduated in Communications. Well, first of all, we have Jerry Seinfeld and…Well, that seems to be mostly it. Unlike a large majority of students in more reputable fields, you don’t exactly have a large number public figures you can point to and say “This person is my idol and achieved great things in this field!”

10 Reasons Why Being a Communications Major Sucks

10. The Awful Puns

“You studied in Communications? Certainly doesn’t sound like it!”


This ties into my third point but it seems like people expect an amazing public speaker every time you mention this particular field of study. Unlike any of the previously mentioned issues, there’s no immediate way to fix or escape this one.

And so ends this comprehensive list of all the ups and…Well, most of the downs of being a Communications Major. Try to forget this list while studying for the finals. Or if you can’t, try to counter these arguments by thinking of all the good things in your future …It’s not too late to switch, right?
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