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10 Reasons To Love Fall At Carleton

10 Reasons To Love Fall At Carleton


Canada’s capital university has one of the most beautiful year round campuses in Ontario. From the picturesque Ottawa River in the summer to the rainbow of autumn leaves in the quad and winter views of the frozen canal (all of which you’re guilty of snapping an Instagram or Snapchat pic of). Keep reading for 10 of the best reasons to love fall at Carleton University.

1. The views from River Building!

You know you’re guilty of taking a moment to look out across the river from the window on the second floor (and maybe taking advantage of that lighting for bomb af Instagram pictures).


2. Taking pictures of the Ottawa River.

Sitting on the rocks and watching the water and taking hipster pictures that make you look like some crazy ass adventure freak.


3. Morning and evening scenic Otrain rides.

One word: views. Everyone wants a window seat for those 10 seconds of the Canal view (and you’re always low key pissed off when you don’t get a good enough spot for those 10 seconds).


4. Thirsty Thursday at Ollies.

What Friday morning class?

5. Breaks in the quad.

I CU Groundhogs (see what I did there? ) Ha. Ha. Ha.


6. It’s finally Carleton hoodie season!

Sweater weather, CU edition.


7. Relaxing walks to Hogs Back.

One of the best things about Carleton’s campus (other than Carleton’s campus) is how close it is to the Ottawa River. You know you’ve been guilty of avoiding your responsibilities by telling yourself that you need to take a walk to Hog’s back because it’s so damn pretty.

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8. Jogs and bike rides along the Canal.

That view actually makes your workout something you look forward to (and you know that there’s McDonald’s at the end).

9. You’ve noticed that campus is not as busy as it usually is.

Whether it’s because October is hell month or everyone suddenly remembered that sleep is important, you know you’re happy that the UC and Tory tunnel isn’t as busy as it was two weeks ago.

10. The perfect selfie lighting!

Two words: River Building. You know that you’ve gone to River Building just to take a selfie because lighting.


Whether it’s from those scenic views that made you fall in love with Carleton in the first place, or if it’s little things like a good selfie spot, you know you love Carleton in every season.

What is your favorite thing about fall at Carleton? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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