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15 Reasons Saying I Love You Shouldn’t Be A Big Deal

Why is saying I love you such a big deal? The first time I said I love you I was five. I was a child and I said it too my parents without fully knowing what it is supposed to mean.  Should it be?

1. Emotions

We all have them and some of us are better at expressing them. I think because we are taught that some emotions such as love are meant to be given only during very serious times. But as stated we all have them so why is expressing them a gigantic deal?

2. Friends

Most people I know say I love you to friends and family. Like “hey love you” which many believe is different than the heart wrenching I love you, but I really don’t see the difference.

It’s acceptable to say this world defining statement in a casual context to friends and family but saying it “too soon” to a partner is make it or break it.


The amount of pressure surrounding this word really is astonishing. Any google search will pop up “how to know when its too early too say it”, “when saying I love you is okay”.

We create so much pressure surrounding this phrase. We make it matter more than it should which in turn gives the word power.

Like look how dramatic.


In case you couldn’t tell I am not a romantic. I am a cynic and a realist which kind of go hand and hand. It really is just a word. That is used as a thank you, but when people use it in that way they tend to backpedal.

Like someone hails you a cab and you gush ” I love youuu”, most of the time it is met by embarrassment and taking it back.


Love is love. Sometimes this is why I think I belong in a commune somewhere in Arizona.  It really is a way to express yourself and by making it a big deal we really are suppressing our way to fully express ourselves.

6. Blown out of proportion

“But mom I love him” is usually met with an eye roll and a scoff. Why? Because as a teenager we can’t fully understand the concept of love. Or is it really because we have blown the idea of love out of proportion.

Think about it there are sagas and love stories and a whole damn holiday for an emotion. For this idea of finding your one true love. We as a society really did blow this one out of proportion.

7. If We Make it a Big Deal

If we make it a big deal then it becomes a big deal. That is when we start to stress if we should say it and when we should say it. So we spend months not telling our significant other we love them when in reality that fact should be known anyway.

When you chose a person to be your person even if it is just for a short amount of time shouldn’t it be known that we more than like them?

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8.Media ‘

If you go online and search I love you google will bust a nut. Your search engine will be flooded with “what to do if you say it too early”. This corresponds to pressure. The media perpetuates this idea that saying I love you is a giant deal.

Any romance movie under the sun will glorify this phrase and make it again a giant deal. If we as a society showed it in a passing way via television and movies maybe it wouldn’t feel like saying I love you mattered so much.

9. History

Historically love is something people die for. DIE. Like, excuse me no. If saying I love you could possibly get anything chopped off just don’t.

So ya, historically the really did make it a big deal but shouldn’t we learn from history. And what history is telling me that when we make it a big deal people die.

10. It just shouldn’t

This may not be a convincing argument to my point but it really shouldn’t matter. We should shout it through the streets and tell random people that we love them to boost endorphins and all that jazz.

We should say it too make someone feel good and not over analyze it like we were taught.

So hello, I love you.

This is why saying I love you should not be a big deal told by a cynic. Share your thoughts down below.
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