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10 Reasons On Why You Always Feel Hungry

10 Reasons On Why You Always Feel Hungry

Do you ever have one of those days, when even after having a solid dinner you will still feel hungry and binge on some more candies, fries or chips? Or constantly feeling hungry and insatiable all day, even though you just had some food? You are not alone in this – happens to me quite often. Recently I have found out some reasons on a constant feeling hunger, so if you question this too – we have gathered 10 reasons on why you might always feel hungry.

Reason #1: Negativity

Sometimes negative emotions or hormones are to blame if you constantly feel hungry! When we are under stress, adrenaline is released into the bloodstream, and the hunger feeling is dulled. But stress is also accompanied by cortisol (stress hormone), which on the contrary, increases hunger and makes a person to constantly want to chew on something. Depression, boredom, and sadness can also cause hunger for similar reasons. If you always are in a bad mood, you will want to eat something to reduce it. Try to distract yourself from negativity and convert that energy into something else – for example, a walk or a gym workout will be perfect substitutes!


Reason #2: Thirst

Sometimes we just understand our bodily needs, if we really are hungry, or just want to drink. Most of the times we prefer to eat something and binge on it. To prevent this from happening again, drink water every time you feel hungry. After a few minutes, you may experience a feeling of fullness. If this does not happen, then you can sit down and have a meal to really satisfy your organism’s needs.

Reason #3: The blood sugar level has dropped sharply

If you have a sweet tooth like me, and constantly like to snack on some candy or chocolate bar – your insulin is forced to flow in large quantities in order to process and dull all that glucose. But if you prefer food that is full of carbohydrates, insulin is released even more – so much that the sugar level will fall, and the feeling of hunger will come to you even more!


Reason #4: Not getting enough macronutrients

It is very important to feed your body properly! There is a big difference between having balanced meals versus burgers and fries all day (no matter how much we love them). Your body may be deprived of a certain macronutrient and that’s why you might still feel hungry – give your body what it wants and needs!

Reason #5: It’s just «those days»

Sometimes when you are having your periods or they will start anytime soon – you might feel like devouring a whole truck, and that’s ok! During periods our hormonal background experiences changes, so it’s totally normal if you feeling hungrier than usual – just wait until they are over and get back into your routine.


Reason #6: You eat too fast

It is necessary to consume your food rather slowly, for about 15-20 minutes – during this time your body realizes that you have satisfied the feeling of hunger. Chew slowly and thoroughly, and forget about snacking when your body is already satisfied!

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Reason #7: Those appetizing videos and pictures of food on the internet

Our body doesn’t always necessarily requires to satisfy the feeling of hunger. Sometimes you scroll through your feed and see those cooking recipes that just look so good and make you crave for those foods! This might lead to even more unnecessary snacking and binging.


Reason #8: You are eating the «wrong» food

Foods from the same ingredients might have absolutely different nutritional value and bring different levels of hunger satisfaction. If you roast potatoes in the oven, you will most likely eat the slower and feel satisfied, while french fries are that type of food that can be consumed within minutes and not suppress that hunger at all.

Reason #9: Medications

If you regularly take any medications, then be prepared for the fact that your appetite might increase. If you notice this, consult with your doctor – sometimes their effects might lead to increased hunger.

Reason #10: You do not sleep much

If your daily sleep is lower than normal, the balance of hormones that are responsible for the feeling of hunger is disturbed in your body. Therefore, this makes you want to eat more and more, and crave for some fatty and carby foods – not something that you want to feed your body all the time.


Do you have any tips to share on with us this topic? Leave them in the comments below.

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