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Reasons Why I Chose To Go To York

Reasons Why I Chose To Go To York

Reasons Why I Chose To Go To York

Deciding where to go to uni is never an easy task. However, I was lucky enough to find a school that I absolutely love. Here are 9 reasons why I decided to go to York over anywhere else.

1. Commuting will be easier.

If you’re like me, and you don’t want to live on res, you’ll search for universities that are within your city, and for me, the closest was York. The convenience from home to school is a few buses away, which saves me the expensive cost for living on residence. Although the perks of living on residence include freedom and independence (and props to you if you can cook to save your life) and playing Pokémon GO 24/7 (you have unlimited access to PokéStops depending on where you’re staying), who says that you can’t gain the same experience – freedom, independence and fun – all the while staying at home?

2. The program I applied for.

When I tell people what program I applied for, most of them react with a “what is that?”
I’ll tell you now, having taken business leadership in high school (I’d like to thank my leadership teacher, Mr. Pelc, for teaching me), I can say that Human Resource Management (HRM) involves attracting, developing, and maintaining a talented and energetic workforce that will support the organization’s mission, objectives, and strategies.


To put it in shorter terms, HRM is the management of people in small, medium and large organizations.

3. The end result of meeting York’s RED Zone.

I can honestly say that my worries about going to York vanished after meeting these amazing people whom are in their second, third or fourth years, because honestly, they’re all so friendly and are indeed great support as a first year student. Look, there’s even a photo of us at the end of the campus tour!




4. Pokémon GO!

Honestly, I chose York University way before the game was released in Canada. But I just had to mention this as one of the reasons why I would encourage you to choose York – because there are multiple PokéStops in and around the campus! So make your way to YorkU, socialize with other trainers or even catch a Magikarp! Have a blast battling in gyms, spinning for pokeballs, and running around (or staying in one spot) catching pokemon. Oh, and good luck getting 400 Magikarp Candies if you want to evolve your Magikarp to a Gyarados!




I’m on Team Valor, by the way, so if you’re on Team Valor, hi (but even if you weren’t, I’d still say hi, so hi).



Plus, York University’s official colours are red and white, so I’m being supportive of YorkU by joining the red team.
Just…be sure you don’t get pranked:



5. Dream job

Who doesn’t want to spend 4 years (more or less) in university, and end up as a Pokemon Go Trainer? That’s the best full-time lifetime job of the year! But no, really, I’d love to become a full-time Pokemon Go Trainer!

6. Socializing with diversity.

More than 11k students are international, and what will that make of us domestic undergrads? Anywhere you go, you’ll meet very different people – some of whom you might click with instantly and some not so much. I chose York to diversify my network and connections by getting to meet a large range of individuals from different programs/year of studies, different countries, and different or similar interests, hobbies, and whatever else you can think of.


Whether it’s networking for work purposes, friendship, dating, marriage (but let’s not get too far, we’re still young) or maybe (if only) meet celebrities filming at YorkU, the campus is large enough to the point it could take me years to learn their names. And who knows…maybe I’ll meet “the one” at YorkU someday?

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7. The clubs.

There are many clubs that are recruiting new members at YorkU. If you want to get a head start, go on YU Connect, sign up or sign in, and start searching for organizations to join (yes, they are called organizations, although you can think of them as clubs until you’ve adjusted yourself to calling them organizations).


In my case, I joined Y U WRITE and Human Resources Student Association. Y U WRITE is (and I’ll be quoting directly from their about page) “a writer’s group that aims to give an environment for uninitiated and initiated writers to experiment or just have a little fun with their craft.”

Human Resources Student Association, on the other hand, is “a student-run organization that is continually striving to promote personal and professional development among all Human Resources Management and business students of York University.”

8. Next Step in My Life!

With the program and field of study that I opted for – human resource management in a business entity – York University is the go-to. People may say that “York is for the rejects” and at some point in my life, I teased upon the statement too. But you know what? York isn’t for the rejects; in fact, it’s one of the top business schools in the country (just think about Schulich School of Business at YorkU and you will see what I mean – those people aren’t rejects, are they? Not a chance because they are super intelligent and see the potential that studying at York has on their future!). I chose YorkU because of the potentials and opportunities that I saw myself experiencing/gaining here. So if you want to expand your network, enhance your skills, and work within the curriculum, apply to York University!


9. Because I’ve been brainwashed (jokes…or maybe not)?

Seeing this sign…



…for most of your life can convince you to go to York because the sign pretty much tells you to go there.

So if you plan on applying for York, or you’ve already accepted your offer and you’re just waiting for the first day of classes (don’t worry, you’re not the only one!), then I’d like to say hi and all the best to wherever you’re going in life!

Why did you choose York over other universities? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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