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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Dalhousie University

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Dalhousie University

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Dalhousie University

As an American Citizen, I decided to attend Dalhousie University for various reasons. It was quite the shock for me since I was from a US Territory in the Caribbean and had never experienced winter before. Here are a few reasons I chose to go to Dalhousie University!

1. I wanted an adventure!

I grew up on a small island and desperately needed a new scenery with new people. Knowing the same people for your entire life is a blessing and a curse, and for me, it was more of a curse. Moving to Canada was just the right amount of crazy adventure to hold me for the next 4 years.



2. It was cheap!

A lot of you complain about how expensive Dal is, but let me tell you. None, I repeat: NONE, of the school in America were this cheap. Even with my student aid, it was hella expensive to go to school in America. One school wanted me to pay $59,000 after my student aid!

3. 2016 Presidential Elections

I’m not gonna say which candidate I supported and didn’t support. Let’s admit it, neither one was perfect, some more than others, but it’s not for me to push my political views on all of you lovely readers. Let’s just say, no matter who won, I wanted out before America went down in flames.

 4. The Henry Hicks looks like Hogwarts!

Something to know about me, I am a massive Potterhead (Harry Potter fan). If I could attend Hogwarts, believe me, I absolutely would. I don’t necessarily know why or how I did this, but in my head, Dal (Henry Hicks) is where Hogwarts was relocated to after the battle of Hogwarts took place. I’m weird and I know it, let me dream, you muggle!

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5. Success rate in my major!

This was most important to me. I am studying Creative Writing as I want to be a novelist one day. When I was researching universities with strong writing programs, I looked first at what writers had gone to the school. Though I never read it, when my mother was pregnant with me, she read Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. My mother has told me I have turned out quite like Anne, and to my delight, I found that Montgomery attended Dal oh-so long ago. It also helped me persuade my mom to let me attend Dal, all the way in Canada.

Which reasons I chose to go to Dalhousie University do you agree with? Comment below!
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