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21 Reasons Why Carleton Is The Greatest School On Earth

21 Reasons Why Carleton Is The Greatest School On Earth

21 Reasons Why Carleton Is The Greatest School On Earth

Everyone thinks their school is the best, but ours really is. If you didn’t know already, keep reading. Here are 21 reasons why, in my opinion, Carleton is the greatest.

1. It is heavily rooted within the community.

Carleton University was established in 1942, giving it over 70 years of history and tradition.

2. It’s located in the country’s capital city.

We’re all basically bff’s with Trudeau.


3. It offers a wide variety of programs and classes.

Within the past 10 years, Carleton’s program options increased 38%. This means everyone can find something that interests them.

4. The tunnels.

-40 degree winters are a definite no.


5. It’s located close to pretty much everything.

Campus is smack in the middle of Ottawa, meaning it’s fairly easy and manageable to commute all over the city.

6. Most of the profs are cool and actually want their students to exceed.

I’m not saying you won’t encounter a difficult professor every now and then, but majority of them are willing to do what they can to ensure every student can excel in that area

7. There are lots of scholarship opportunities.

If you’re 5’5 and have ash-blonde hair, chances are there’s a scholarship with your name on it. Jokes aside, if you’re looking for an intership, there are plenty available if you show effort.


8. Hull.

Although it’s not the most glamourous of party scenes, it allows for any first years with late birthdays to be able to experience a club night out.

9. Student housing is relatively easy to come by.

Finding an affordable house is fairly simple at Carleton, especially since the campus isn’t located right downtown. Find some roomies and you can be sitting pretty all year long.

10. There’s always a place to nap.

My personal favourite is the bottom floor of the library in a booth, and I’ve heard good things about River Building.


11. Our sports teams are lit.

We dominate in basketball, excel in hockey and our football team has proven that although they’re new, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Just ask OttawaU about the past two Panda Games.

12. Study/Adventure Abroad.

Carleton has numerous agreements with universities all over the world, as well offer programs such as Alternative Spring Break which allows students to spend a week volunteering in locations such as Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Banff, and Nicaragua.


13. We have awesomely fierce school colours.

What’s more intimidating than candy apple red and the blackest of black? I’ll tell you, maroon and white…

14. Sororities and fraternities.

Surprisingly enough, Greek life is huge at Carleton. These types of clubs are perfect to join if you’re new to the city and want to solid group of friends to carry on through school.


15. Thirsty Thursdays.

Tip: Don’t schedule morning classes on Friday.


16. The Campus is secluded.

Carleton’s campus is beautiful, and the fact that it’s completely cut off from the rest of the city allows for a truly authentic university feel. But just because we’re not in the middle of the city, doesn’t mean we’re lonely. We have an abundance of green spaces, trees, and cute squirrels to keep us company.

17. Praying Rooms.

This is a new discovery for me, but Carleton offers quiet rooms in UC for students who would like to take time to pray.

18. The Canal.

Literally the best part about first semester is walking along the canal when the leaves are changing colours and the air is nice and crisp. Long breaks in between classes don’t even matter when you can head outside and take a nap by the water.


19. Our gym makeover is beautiful.

You don’t even have to like working out and you’ll still admire this upgrade.

20. Free yoga/dance lessons.

I mean, anything free is amazing in my books- but yoga and salsa dancing is even better. Check out UC for more details on these cool opportunities.

21. Our Library.

Another major makeover for Carleton was the library. Now there are five floors that offer quiet areas, computers, mapping services, editorial services, and private study rooms. There’s really no reason not to study.

Why do you think Carleton is the greatest? Feel free to comment and be sure to share the article!
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