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10 Realistic Hairstyles For THAT Stress Haircut

10 Realistic Hairstyles For THAT Stress Haircut

10 Realistic Hairstyles For THAT Stress Haircut

Realistic hairstyles for that stress haircut are hard to find. You know when your life is falling apart cutting off two inches is a lot cheaper than therapy. Maybe you added bangs, maybe you now have a bob.

1. Hat

Realistic hairstyles really depend on your capabilities. A hat is great for those with very few capabilities. You are really just hiding it until it grows out. Grab a cute hat and viola.

And the best part is that you can change the hat every day so you basically have a new hairstyle on a daily basis.


10 Realistic Hairstyles For THAT Stress Haircut

2. Braid

Adding a quick little braid is a great way to look like you have your shit together. Add a side braid and pin. Extra points if it is fancy like a fishtail braid. It gets the hair out of your face and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes.

3. Texture

Cutting your hair is an excuse to buy more hair products that you may or may not. If you have happened to go shorter than you usually intend then add volume and texture.


It makes a new haircut not feel so flat. We love messy hair.

10 Realistic Hairstyles For THAT Stress Haircut

4. Curls

I really do like an effortless curl but is it ever really effortless.  Put your hair in a low ponytail and then curl the ends. Once your done do about 8 pieces from the top layer of your hair and bam. Effortless curls even if you maybe cut too much off. Use sea salt spray for a messy finish.


5. Top Knot

For me, this is basically the most realistic hairstyle there is as it is casual and cute. Wake up with bed head? No problem that is perfect for a messy bun. Add a cut af scrunchy and no one will know that you messed up your hair.

10 Realistic Hairstyles For THAT Stress Haircut

6. Sophisticated ponytail

This is a slick pony. This is best if balayage didn’t happen to be your strong suit. If your ends look a little too blunt this is a great hairstyle for you. Add a ton of hair spray for a sleek finish and if deemed necessary some hair gel.

7. 90s Pigtails

There is nothing more popular right now then 90s early 2000s vibes. This is so simple and cute but makes your hair look more stylish. Get the baby hair elastics and at the top of your head add two pigtails that go straight back. For extra points accessorize with hair ties that have hair bobbles.

8. Space Buns

Space buns are great for short hair and long hair. They are great for festivals and even if you gave yourself crooked bangs. Go all out 2013 Miley and rock those space buns. Add glitter hair spray for a night out and you have masterfully covered up your midterms stress haircut.

9. Barretts

Barretts are back and everywhere! Nothing is simpler and more on trend than the Barretts. I would go for monotone barrette for a modern take that isn’t as childish.

This is also really great if you happened to mess up your stress haircut near the front. Great way to fix a bowl cut. Realistic hairstyles can be done with many different hair types and lengths.

10 Realistic Hairstyles For THAT Stress Haircut

10. Low Bun

The low bun is sophisticated but very minimal effort. It is pulled back and casual as well as versatile. It works with all different hair types and can be done in under five minutes. Make a low pony and then twist and secure with bobby pins. Curl baby hairs around your face and easy, hair done.

Realistic hairstyles for that stress haircut should be minimal effort. What are your favorite realistic hairstyles?
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