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Ranking Of Places To Hook Up At University of Toronto

Ranking Of Places To Hook Up At University of Toronto

We have all heard the stories about people hooking up in the stacks at Robarts, but here are the best places to hook up at University of Toronto.

University is supposed to be the setting for some of the most wild and spontaneous moments of your life. Constant evening outings, getting wild in inappropriate places, and exploring your relationships with others. We have all heard the stories about people hooking up in the stacks at Robarts right before close but let’s examine the best creative settings to get intimate and hook up at University of Toronto.

7. Teefy Basement

A little spooky, this spot is perfect for holding your partner close as you navigate the eery St. Mike’s building. It can be a bit dull here but it is a convenient location and you probably won’t get caught. Take a romantic stroll through the SMC quad first to set the mood.

6. Indoor Bamboo Gardens

The cozy indoor forest in the MedSci building is a super romantic setting. It has just the right vibe for cozy date and is a great backdrop for a couple announcement Insta. Be aware that foot traffic can be heavy so time your visit wisely.



5. Victoria College Quad

The green spaces at Vic have plenty of blind spots for you and your partner to sneak around in. The South end near the Lester B. Pearson Garden waterfall is perfect for a peaceful summer hook up – just look out for onlookers from Pratt library during open hours.

4. Robarts – but not the stacks

After careful mathematical examination, I’ve concluded that it would be possible to hook up in the beige, windowless display cases that are the Robarts study rooms.  While the rooms closer to the corners of the “Temple of Triangles” have nice little windows, the inner rooms usually labelled 1 or 2 have less onlooker traffic. If you and your partner put down your bags and study materials to look like you were not just on Facebook and stepped out for another double americano, you can lie down behind the desk, parallel to the wall and really study each other. Pros of this spot: you are concealed better than the stacks and can use the ground. Cons: you may get a little rug burn from the 40- year old steel-wool carpets.


3. Hart House Fitness Room

What could be more stimulating than a work out in U of T’s most eclectic gym? Getting steamy with your s/o of course! This room is usually free on mornings and has a nice little blind spot so you are spared glances from people on their way to the weight room.With birds chirping outside, and the freshest breeze in the building, you are sure to get those endorphins running, without stepping foot on the track.


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2. Con Hall Upper Balcony

While the freshmen body-check each other to sit in the front row at Convocation Hall, you and your partner can sneak up to the third floor balcony at the very back and discreetly get some action on. For our feminine friends, wear a flowy skirt so your partner has easy access, and so you don’t draw attention to yourself by stripping.  Not feeling a skirt? Just wear something without a zip-fly so you don’t zip yourself if you get caught.  Sweats definitely work here. The fun of this location is that it is extremely public. Prepare to tell your friends that you hooked up in a room with 2,000 people.

1. Empty rooms in Sid Smith

While not the most flashy spot on the list, Sid Smith offers the reliable comfort of a study room without glass walls. Pick an unoccupied room 20 minutes into any hour and you’re sure to have at least 10 minutes before an eager student sets up to camp out the arrival of their T.A.  Prop a chair in front of the door to slow down any lost folks and get to it.

Have fun and ask for consent! Don’t forget to stop by the U of T Sexual Education Centre to pick up free supplies for safe interactions!

Where are your favorite places to hook up at University of Toronto? Share in the comments below!
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