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7 Quick Ways To Relieve Your Stress

7 Quick Ways To Relieve Your Stress

7 Quick Ways To Relieve Your Stress

Even your most favorite job or class can be a source of stress. We don’t always have time to rehabilitate after a busy working day: an hour-long yoga class, an evening at the spa, and especially few days in a relaxing getaway seem pretty much a dream. But there are several proven ways to help get rid of stress, refresh thoughts and calm down, so we have gathered them here so you can quickly relax and feel refreshed.

1. Cheat your nerves

When we are being under stress, the stomach muscles contract, creating tension throughout the body. If you have a nervous job, try replacing regular tea and coffee with herbal decoctions. Chamomile and ginger soothe the digestive system and muffle the raging emotions, while the essence of lavender helps to curb spiky nerves.

2. Breathe deeply

Respiratory gymnastics specialist Brian Hessi recommends doing simple but effective exercises in order to calm down from stress. Take a few slow, deep breaths through your nose, exhale through your mouth. And then continue Doing the same, but with the additional actions: consistently clasp your chest, then fold your arms over your chest, resting your elbows on your stomach. This exercise will give the greatest effect if you exhale with sound, allowing to relieve stress through simple breathing exercises. Try to attempt this exercise alone, somewhere where you can relax and not get distracted by others.


3. Use aromatherapeutic scents

While preparing for important and difficult negotiations, it is worthwhile to apply a couple of drops of sandalwood oil on the clothes in which you plan to come to the meeting (or apply it on the skin). Aromatherapy expert Robert Tisserend explains that some odors help calm down. It is also great to purchase some candles with a calming scent – like lavender, eucaliptus, sandalwood or aloe.

4. Take a time out

It is no secret that the tension builds up quite quickly – and you should also get rid of it immediately. Make it a rule to arrange a small break from working or studying every few hours. Chat for a few minutes with a colleague on non-working topics, take a walk on your floor or get some tea with a snack. This activity will allow you to relax and take up on work with fresh thoughts.

5. Learn to say “No”

Psychologist and author of the book “Strength and Wisdom: A New Way for a Woman” Priscilla Marotta says: “Women often have problems with their personal boundaries. The reason lies in the fact that we do not like to disappoint people whose opinion is important to us, and we always try to look better.” Before agreeing on another responsible task, weight the pros and cons. If you understand that something might be too stressful, say «no», because mental health is one of the most important things ever for any person.

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6. Stretch

Most of the time we spend sitting at a table in front of a computer screen – and this obviously keeps straining the muscles of the neck and back. The situation can be corrected by regularly kneading and stretching the affected parts of the body. Make circular movements with your shoulders (three times back and forth). It is really convenient because such simple “gymnastics” can be performed without even getting up from the workplace.

7. Mix essential oils with your moisturizer

Applying a moisturizer or lotion to your face and body in the morning and add a couple of drops of essential oil. Sage oil has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the face, while lavender and bergamot help to balance emotions (and at the same time they have a slight lifting effect). This will aid greatly in reducing stress levels (and you will smell great too)!

Do you have any other helpful tips on reducing stress? Let us know in the comments below.
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