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Quick Tips For If You Drink Too Much

Quick Tips For If You Drink Too Much

A few tips to consider when you have too much alcohol in your system or before that happens.

Parties are always a great thing to attend to have a blast with all of your friends without a care in the world but it’s important to remember that sometimes there’s the possibility that you may be drinking too much of the good stuff during the evening. What do you when you start feeling light-headed and ready to keel over? Let’s take a look at a few available solutions for dealing with excessive alcohol intake.

1. Drink and Eat Plenty

Put down the alcohol and have some water and food after drinking too much. Not consuming anything else besides alcohol can hit you like a truck the very next day so you might as well do yourself a favor for the following day. Drinking too much is one thing, but waking up with a hangover is a completely different beast altogether. On the other hand, try not to eat too much if you’re already feeling dizzy or nauseous. It’s better to avoid regurgitating whatever you’ve just eaten anyway.

2. Take Some Time to Metabolize

Remember that large amounts of alcohol or food don’t immediately vanish from your system. Time is your best liver cleanser so take a moment to lie or sit down and wait for the debilitating effects to wear off naturally. This imposed relaxation is also the perfect opportunity to take in your environment or have a friendly chat with some people. Depending on how much you took you might not be able to say something clever, witty, or comprehensible, but some people might appreciate the intent.


3. Buddy Up

I don’t want to bring down the mood but it’s best to just be honest about it: sometimes you won’t be exactly surrounded by people you trust at whatever gatherings you go to. A good thing to do when you drink too much is to keep close to your personal group of friends. Some bars have even introduced policies in case you’re alone and need some form of protection or services during the evenings.

4. Don’t Drive!

Pass your car keys to someone, consider getting a cab, or using your city’s public transport. We hate to sound like your fussy parents twice in the same article, but we also like to avoid unnecessary deaths and horrifying accidents if you drink too much. This one also goes out to those claim their focus is enhanced when driving drunk or that aren’t affected by the alcohol because of their superhuman physiology.

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5. Try Not to Embarrass Yourself

Put your phone down right away. No, you do not need to call your significant other or your ex-lover to slur out how much you love them or regret breaking up with them respectively. Don’t even try making booty calls if you can barely walk in a straight line. We’re saving you from your embarrassing selves and you should be thankful for it. Same goes for whatever impressive stunt you think will blow everyone at the party away. Alcohol may make your every dumb idea and clumsy action seem absolutely spellbinding, but they’re rarely worth taking on; no matter how hilarious it is for all your close friends and acquaintances watching you and taking pictures as well as videos…

But please try to have fun.

You probably noticed that I didn’t give an exact number of drinks. That’s because “too much” varies wildly from person to person. Although the first universal sign you’re nearing the limit is when you start saying things like “I love all of you!” in the bar. The second one is when the entire world is at a 45-degree angle.
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