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10 Questions We All Want To Ask The Ryerson Transportation System

10 Questions We All Want To Ask The Ryerson Transportation System

Say hello to a commuter students’ worst nightmare – public transport. Read on for questions you'll ask yourself about the Ryerson transportation system.

Welcome to Ryerson! You’ve got your books, you’ve got your schedule, but wait – how are you going to get here? Say goodbye to the pristine yellow school buses of high school and say hello to a commuter students’ worst nightmare – public transportation. Keep reading for questions I can guarantee you’ve asked yourself at one point or another about the Ryerson transportation system.

1. What is an overdraft issue?

Due to overdraft safety conditions ahead, the subway will operate at a slower speed than normal. If you’ve ever taken the subway, you know you read that sentence in her voice. Whether it’s an overdraft issue, a fire, random smoke, or just someone pressing the emergency alarm for fun, you can always count on the subway for delaying your travels for 30 minutes to an hour. Pro tip: leave an hour early, ESPECIALLY on exam days.

2. Why can I speed walk faster than the streetcar?

If you ever want to feel like Usain Bolt, find a streetcar and walk next to it. If I can watch an entire three hour Bollywood movie before arriving at my stop, it might be time to renovate this ancient piece of technology.


3. Do I want to risk my life today?

Elsa could be performing Let it Go, snow powers and all, in the middle of Dundas Square and Ryerson still wouldn’t cancel classes. Yes, yes I know school is important. But when there’s 30 cm of snow, black ice and the tears of polar bears covering the streets of downtown, do I really have to commute for two hours for an 8 AM class?


4. Do I want to risk my life today? (x2)

Mad respect to anyone that dares to ride their bike on downtown streets. Bike on the road? Get hit by a car. Bike on the sidewalk? Get punched in the face.


5. Is this Sparta?

You know what I’m talking about. 5 PM on the subway. Get ready to fight U of T, OCAD, and everyone that just ended their shift for your spot on the subway. May the odds be ever in your favour Ryerson students.

6. What died on the RT?

Get ready to hold your breath from Kennedy to McCowan. There is a stench that permeates the metal fortress that is the RT which can only be described as a mixture of rotten eggs and broken hopes and dreams. I’d say it’s even worse than the smell on Gould Street.

7. Where does the TTC get its impressive wall art?

No shade (but hella shade), but what’s the point of having a schedule if you’re not going to stick to it? Of course the occasional delay is fine, but when twenty out of service buses pass by, the bus schedule might as well be considered interpretative art.

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8. When should I schedule my funeral?

It’s exam season. 30% to 50% of your grade is on the line. As you furiously read over your notes on the subway you suddenly hear a robotic voice announce “line 1 is closed from St. Clair to St. George.” And now you’re crying over notes trying to plan your own funeral as you face the inevitable outcome of you dropping out of school. Remember kids, always check CP24 for subway closures so you can plan your alternate route.


9. Why is there no love for Scarborough?

I’m sorry but as a Scarborough girl it is my patriotic duty to include this as a valid complaint. I’m still waiting for my subway. Why does everyone hate the East end?

10. When are we going to stop complaining about Ryerson’s transportation situation?

There’s no denying the multiple inconveniences of public transportation. But it’s not all bad. At the end of the day, it’s better for the environment, cheaper than gas, and most definitely cheaper than rent downtown. So as much as we love to hate, just imagine for one moment – what if there was no transportation system at all?

What else do you ask yourself about the Ryerson transportation system? Let us know in the comments below!
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