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Pros and Cons of Rushing a Sorority at The University Of Toronto

Pros and Cons of Rushing a Sorority at The University Of Toronto

There are certain pros and cons of rushing a sorority at The University Of Toronto. It is important to know whether or not Greek life is something you want to be involved in while at school so keep reading for more information!

Why it is important to consider rushing a sorority:

For such an elitist school, the University of Toronto does not openly exhibit an abundance of school pride. Academics are the primary motivator for students and extra curricular opportunities, though seemingly abundant, are difficult to latch on to. Our school population consists primarily of commuter students, whose out of class commitments include not only school work, jobs, volunteering, and out-of school extra-curricular activities but also commuting to and from home and the aforementioned locations. The ability to balance all the elements of student life is part of the value of gaining a post-secondary education but it can be extremely draining to excel in every commitment. The stress of potentially having to back out of a commitment in order to prioritize another aspect of student life can lead students to unhealthy decisions that may compromise their well-being, their academics, and the success of their future.



Sororities provide an excellent female support system on campus.

For women especially, having a female support system on campus is unbelievably important. It can be the central hub of all your on-campus commitments while also combating the loneliness and expense of time that comes with having a jam-packed lifestyle or commuting. Sorority life on the U of T Campus is not as “in your face” as it is in American colleges, but the spirit of sisterhood and pride in your sorority is just as strong.


Why you should ignore what you see in the movies.

The University Of Toronto has not expressed favourability in the existence of single gender societies like Greek Organizations, but they are so much more than the negative stereotypes portrayed in the media. Sorority women work hard and play hard. They have strong values of scholarship and are consistently engaged in the pursuit of excellence.


Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if joining a sorority at the University of Toronto is right for you…

PRO: You will undoubtedly make lifelong friends.

Joining a sorority is not just a way to make friends, but it is an opportunity to make lifelong connections that will help you grow as a person and become the best version of yourself. You will have constant female support and enrich your life through sisterhood activities.


PRO: You will always have a social life.

Your social life triples in size when you join a sorority not only through your connection to sisters on campus and fraternity men, but also through the networks opened with your sisters in other chapters across Canada and The USA. This social life is not all about partying, but includes having more job opportunities, and a stronger network of true friends.


PRO: You have access to your sorority’s house.

When joining a UofT sorority you gain access to your sorority house and can potentially live there. It is a great opportunity to live on campus in a place that is filled with people you know and are comfortable with. There are even benefits for commuters. You can always go to your sorority house to see who’s there when your bored or just to spend some down time.



PRO: Having sisters help you with your academics.

We don’t just go to Robarts in our letters to show pride in our sorority, we also have to prepare our notes and complete school work. Going to the library with your sisters is so much more comforting than going with random people you made friends with in your classes to compare notes with, and especially better than going alone. If you need a Starbucks break or need to take a walk to refresh your mind, you can be sure your laptop will not be stolen because women you trust with your life are keeping an eye on it.



PRO: You will become involved in philanthropic events and community service events whether you like it or not…

Every sorority at The University Of Toronto is linked to a certain philanthropic organization and works to fundraise for their cause. There are many excellent opportunities to raise money for important organizations on campus and on a larger scale. Sorority women are passionate about supporting the community and bettering the world we live in. There are also initiatives that promote community service through volunteering that are immensely rewarding and benefit the cause just as much as you are benefited through the rewarding process of giving your time to help others.



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PRO: It will help you prepare for your future.

As mentioned before when joining a sorority at The University Of Toronto you automatically gain an amazing support system. Both your current sisters and sisters in the alumnae world are happy to give you advice when applying to jobs, grad schools or wherever your life takes you. Additionally some sororities on campus have excellent personal development opportunities as well. You can be elected to positions of leadership within the Chapter, which may open opportunities to attend National Conferences and prestigious leadership development experiences at other universities in North America – sometimes even free of charge. You will learn new skills that you would have never learnt in school.



CON: It is a time commitment.

When joining a sorority at The University Of Toronto there will definitely be a weekly time commitment you should prepare for. The exact amount varies among sorority. There is a weekly 1 or so hour-long meeting (usually on Monday nights). Additionally there are mixers, philanthropies, semi-formals, formals, greek week and other programming events. These do not happen weekly however they spread out throughout the school year and do add up. If one thing is for sure you end up getting very good at managing your time by the end of your first year.




CON: It is also a financial commitment.

There is a financial commitment when joining a sorority at The University Of Toronto. This pays for things such as the house, programming events, social events, philanthropy events, panhellenic dues and international dues just to name a few. Although it may seem like a lot of money each house is more than willing to work through finances with you. There are financial plans that you can work out with your sorority’s financial officer.

Last word of advice:

Joining a sorority at The University Of Toronto is not just a way to make friends, but it is an opportunity to make lifelong connections that will help you grow as a person and become the best version of yourself. It does require you to give up some time and money but what you get in exchange for that is incredibly valuable. If you can see past the stereotype and recognize the positive impact that joining a sorority will have on your life, you will be ever grateful that you took the leap to sign up for recruitment.



What are some other pros and cons of rushing a sorority at The University Of Toronto? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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