10 Prom Corsage Looks That You Need To Know About Now

10 Prom Corsage Looks That You Need To Know About Now

Corsages are fancy flowers for the prom season. Prom corsages are the main part of living the high school experience. Prom is a right of passage to being an adult. It can be more than a flower and it really can be anything that you want. It is a statement as well as a passage.

1.  Basic

The basic prom corsage is the corsage that is genic during your time. Prom corsages age and there are different trends but honestly, throughout the years, most stay the same.

For a basic corsage go for a basic flower like a rose.  A rose is a symbol of prom that screams elegance and sophistication.


10 Prom Corsage Looks That You Need To Know About Now

2. Monochrome

Monochrome implies that it matches your dress, Monochrome looks are very popular right now so try an all matching outfit. From the shoes to the corsage everything matches. It is a trend that we are definitely here for.

3. Colorful

A colorful corsage is a great way to add a bit of edge to a relatively boring outfit. Add multiple tones into a corsage especially if your outfit is mostly basic. Like a black, white or red dress deserves a colorful corsage. Colour is in!


10 Prom Corsage Looks That You Need To Know About Now

4. Favorite Flower

There is nothing better than feeling 100% you. Wearing your favorite flower with your favorite dress is an all-time goal. It will just boost your spirits. Having your favorite flower on your wrist will boost your whole entire night.

5. Matching

Matching your prom corsage to your dress is a vibe. But matching to your date is an even greater vibe. Matching would absolutely qualify as a classic. This could mean matching to your dates tie of his/her outfit in general.


10 Prom Corsage Looks That You Need To Know About Now

6. Classic

Having a classic corsage is a tradition. Being traditional is sort of the whole aspect of prom. Prom corsages are based on tradition.

The tradition of bringing a corsage to prom. A classic corsage screams elegance. A white flower is the epitome of classic. Having a classic or basic corsage can tne down a loud look.

7. Exotic

An exotic corsage is an exotic flower. It is in tune with a colorful corsage as most exotic flowers re very colorful it is perceived as rare. And rare is special and who doesn’t want to feel special at prom? It is more than a basic corsage and as a vibrant aspect to your prom corsage.

8. None

Having no prom corsage really doesn’t matter. Not having a date or a corsage really isn’t a big deal. The idea that going dateless to prom should not still be happening. Going without a date really isn’t that big of a deal. But getting ourself a special corsage for prom really isnt a big deal!

9. Pantone

The Pantone color of the year for 2019 is coral. Coral is very popular among flowers and definitely should be on your wrist for this prom season.

Coral is a very spring color so finding a flower of this color should not be hard. Coral is a statement to a basic look and will elevate your look!

10. Contrast

Contrast works best if it is among both spectrums. What that means is that if you wear a white black dress plan to wear a white corsage.

This also works the other way around. Contrast is a great way to make a statement.

10 Prom Corsage Looks That You Need To Know About Now

Prom corsages are a giant part of prom. Prom is the final act of high school that then pushes you into the next phase of adult life.  Comment your favorite prom corsage ideas down below.
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