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10 Products From Lush That Are Actually Worth The Money

10 Products From Lush That Are Actually Worth The Money

Natural beauty products can be pricey and you never know if they will work or not. Here is a list of products from Lush that are actually worth the money!

There are so many different “natural” products you can get for skin care/beauty. When you go into Lush, it can be overwhelming and it is hard to tell what is worth spending money on or not (because a lot of the products are a little pricey). Here is a list of products from Lush that are actually worth the money!

Big (Shampoo)

Contains sea salt, which is known for improving hair quality and leaves your skin feeling refreshed without taking the natural oils your body needs. The ingredients contain seaweed and virgin coconut oil, yes ingredients that some of us eat and use for cooking.

Seanik (Shampoo)

Also made with ingredients from the sea, such as seaweed. Great for flat hair (like mine) who wants extra volume, flow, and softness.


Sex Bomb

This bath bomb smells like jasmine, mmm. If you like jasmine tea with soy milk, you would love to bathe in this Sex bomb! It has clary sage, ylang yland and soymilk that are great for romantic events.


Great for the summer with the smell of lemongrass! Contains essential oils with a hint of green in your life! If you love avocados and nature, you would adore this bath bomb that leaves your skin soft and refreshing.

Yoga Bomb

Yoga is known for connecting your body with your mind with a form of peace. With this bath bomb, you can get a relaxing mixture of colours with scents that include different types of wood. It contains oils that are taken from the earth (duh) for a natural feel.



It is a lip scrub, seems a bit weird, doesn’t it? However, effective and makes your lips feel hydrated, soft, and smooth from jojoba oil.

Ocean Salt

A 2-in-1, a face and body scrub! It includes sea salt, minerals, coconut oil, and avocado butter to remove dead skin and leave a smooth touch and even tone.

Dream Team

This is also a face and body scrub, but uses the most important oil; lavender oil. It is found from the plants, which is mostly used to calm your skin from bites or injury’s, relieve muscular pain and help with cold sores. Dream team, minimizing redness for sensitive or dry skin.

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Mask of Magnaminty

This mask has many ingredients, such as kaolin clay, peppermint oil, beans, vanilla and honey to help strengthen your skin. It helps by getting rid of unwanted pores by improving dry skin.


This is a face moisturizer, mostly used for day-time. Gorgeous includes a variety of ingredients, for example orange blossom honey, virgin olive and wheat-germ oils. It helps keep your skin feeling soft enough to concur the world!



Do you have any other products from lush that are actually worth the money?! Share in the comments below!

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