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10 Popular Outfits For Casual Dates

10 Popular Outfits For Casual Dates

When going on a date, you want to look for the perfect outfit. These are the most popular outfits for casual dates for both men and women!

Looking good is important when going on a date with your potential partner. Fashion decisions should never ruin the excitement you experience before a date. That being said, with a little patience and research I have created a list of 10 outfits, for both girls and boys, to wear on your next date. These are popular outfits for casual dates!

1. For Girls: Flowery Breeze

Flowers are in bloom this fashion season. The free flows of loose floral dresses offer optimal comfort and keep you cool in the hot summer months. To complete the outfit, try to accompany any dress with flats, earrings, and sunglasses.

2. For Gents: Boys Over Flowers

For the gentlemen, popular floral designs and vibrant colours are also in. Try and incorporate them in your looks in a simple top, shorts, or (if you are feeling particularly rebellious) in a matching pant suit and jacket.


3. For Girls: Narrative Graphics

Whether spending an evening at the movies or a day at the amusement park, graphic tees and jeans are the go to outfit for any casual date. To make your look more special you can make sure your graphic tee reflects your personality by choosing unique styles or making the designs yourself.

4. For Gents: Business Casual

To give new life to the traditional business suit, toss out the old suede jacket and replace it with a denim counterpart. This look is fantastic when meeting your special someone after a day at the office.

5. For Girls: Pseudo Casual

The increased embroidery and accessories make this next look more lavish. Nevertheless, by mixing it with more casual items, like a simple shirt and jacket, the outfit makes a statement to its audience and ensures comfort to the wearer.


6. For Gents: Retro Chic

Speaking of embroidery, this next piece seems to have inspired by your grandmother’s wall hangings. Nevertheless, when decorating a bomber jacket, another seasonal trend, the design transforms into a contemporary piece. To not distract from the pop of colours from your jacket, complete the outfit with a simple white shirt and dark pants.

7. For Girls: Colourful Punk

Bring out the punk look with a sleek leather jacket and black top. Complete your outfit with another fashion trend this season, coloured denim. Any bright colour softens the overall mood of the attire while the stylistic mix creates and impactful look.


8. For Gents: That 70s Style

The camel pallet and purple floral patterns presents an avant-garde alternative to a 70s inspired look. Incorporated into a traditional suit and dress shirt, sweater, or simple t-shirt.

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9. For Girls: Little White Dress

White is in this season! So ladies, it’s time to switch out that Little Black Dress for its competitor. Just think about how diverse white dresses really are. Alone, the cloth’s clean cuts reflected in the sunlight will illustrate elegance. However, when worn with sneakers, it can bring out the tomboy in any lady.


10. For Gents: Artistic Punk

Ripped white jeans and a paint splattered white tee create an untidy appearance reflecting an individual’s inner artistic character. If you are want to appear more edgy, finish off the your outfit with a leather jacket, colourful bandana and specs.


Do you have any other outfits for casual dates!? Share in the comments below!

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