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10 Places You Have To Have Sex With Your SO

A list of  sex places to try with your SO can make your sex life so much more fun, spontaneous and exciting! This list of places to have sex includes some more classic locations, as well as ideas for spots to make it a little dirtier. Whip out this list when you and your SO are horny and together, or keep these ideas in your head, for when you want to have a naughty and unexpected sexy time! Not only will this list give you bragging rights, but it will probably elevate you and your SOs intimacy. Get started today folks!

1. Sex On The Floor

Doing it on the floor is oh so sexy. Why? The fact that you are unable to even make it on to a bed shows how much the two of you want it. No matter what room of a house you are in, if sex time starts an you aren’t near any furniture, just collapse onto each other and go at it! Having sex on the floor feels very animalistic – start on the floor or move onto it whenever it seems right!

2. In The Bathroom Of A Club/Bar

Going out with your SO can be the most fun – you have a dance partner all night, and will always have someone cute to go home and have sex with! When things start to get frisky on the dance floor, the two of you can migrate into a bathroom to get the job done. Having sex in a bathroom stall feels urgent and having sex in a public space is always mischievous!

3. Sex In A Park

A park is a classic public sex spot for any couple! At any time of day, parks are beautiful to be in, and lying down on the grass looking up at the sky is sooooo dreamy! Take this dreamy location to another level – have sex! At night or in the early morning would be especially perfect; a good way to start or end your day is with a lil public sex!

4. Sex On The Beach

A summertime favourite, having sex on the beach is a must-do. Sure, having sex on a well known beach in your hometown is exciting, but maybe take a hike and see if there are any secluded, secretive spots where the two of you can let loose. Beaches, the rocks on the beaches, a forest near the beach, in the ocean – all of these are perfect beach sex options

5. On A Rooftop/Balcony

This spot is really handy if you want to switch it up, go outside, or be a bit risky, without really risking anything! Having sex on a balcony gives you that thrill of possibly being seen, while still allowing you to stay in the comfort of your own home. The same with your roof! Both are good spots for nighttime OR daytime sex, it all depends on your mood.

6. Sex In A Library

Shout out to all my students out there! Having sex in a library is not only a superb exam de-stresser, but will let you leave a mark on your academic institution that you won’t ever forget! The possibility of being caught, and the fact that you have to be verrrrrrry quiet will totally elevate your sex! And also, what an accomplishment!

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7. On Someone Else’s Bed

That’s right, getting it on in someone else’s bed other than each other’s is dangerous and sexy! it’s a thrilling location and can make any house party so much more memorable!

8. Sex In The Car

While the car may make sex quite a bit more difficult (the cramped space is not that easy to manoeuvre yourself around) it’s still a bucket list location of places to have sex. And although the size of your car may make things harder, the fact that you can drive your car and park it anywhere can do wonders for your sex life! Don’t just do it in the car, but perhaps parked at a romantic scenic point? The options are endless!

9. Sex In A Pool

Again, this is not the easiest location to have sex (water is a notoriously bad lubricant), however, pool sex is the definition of wet n’ wild! It may be difficult to find an empty pool (part of the challenge though!), in with case having sex in a lake or the ocean is just as good!

10. Sex On A Table

Having sex on a table is raw and passionate, and can happen at just about any time. Get playful and use the table to your advantage – there’s all sorts of sex possibilities! Bonus: if you’re in the kitchen or eating dinner on that table, why not add in a little sex food play!

How many of these places have you and your SO had sex in? What else is missing from our list? Comment below!

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Hannah Murray

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