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10 Places To Hookup At The University Of Guelph

10 Places To Hookup At The University Of Guelph


Coming into college, we all had soaring expectations of dreamy hookups on our new campus. Reality check! College hookups definitely aren’t the perfection they seem to be in the movies, in fact, they tend to happen when you’re least prepared. This means that creative locations and awkward situations can often be the norm. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Keep reading for 10 places to hookup at The University of Guelph!

1. The Cannon!

If you’re brave enough, the infamous UofG cannon could make the ultimate hookup spot. Just be warned, this location will definitely attract spectators.

2. Your dorm room.

If privacy is more of your thing, your dorm room can be the perfect hookup location. Just sure to watch out for roomies that could come barging in when they please or better yet, put that sock on the door handle.



3. The Arboretum

The UofG Arboretum is the most romantic of all the places to hookup at The University of Guelph. I mean, who wouldn’t want to share a few kisses in this magical garden setting?

4. The McLaughlin Library!

This hookup location involves being pretty sneaky, but can also be super thrilling, especially if on a quiet floor.


5. The Bullring

For all of you in search of a hip hookup location, the Bullring has got you covered. Not only does their awesome alternative rock music set the mood, but they also serve the best coffee on campus that you can enjoy with your special someone after sharing your own steamy moments.

6. The Johnston Green

Johnston green is the perfect place for a cute little picnic or a quick hookup. The trees surrounding the green can also provide some nice privacy.



7. Under the Alumni Stadium bleachers.

There’s nothing more classic than a good ol’ hookup under the bleachers. Sure, it’s not all that creative, but it’s been a no fail option for years!


8. Athletic Centre stairwells.

The new athletic centre stairwells are super spacious and typically pretty quiet, perfect for a spur-of-the-moment hookup with that jock you’ve had your eye on.

9. The basement of Creelman Hall.

Although the Creelman dining hall is typically one of the busiest places on campus, its dark and quiet basement is quite the opposite. Sneak downstairs with your special someone to find your ide-al hookup spot.

10. The Gryphon statue… at night!

The Gryphon statue might to be ideal for a daytime hookup as it faces a rather busy street (unless that’s your thing), but at night when all of the hustle and bustle slows down, the Gryphon can be quite the hot hookup setting.


Is the Gryphon statue on your list of places to hookup at The University of Guelph?

Where are your favorite places to hookup at The University of Guelph? Comment below and share the article!
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