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7 Places Around Nova Scotia You Should Definitely Visit This Summer

7 Places Around Nova Scotia You Should Definitely Visit This Summer

As one of the four provinces that form Atlantic Canada, here are 7 places around Nova Scotia you definitely should visit this summer.

“Make voyage while the sun shines!”

What would you say if I told you that you could win an all-expense paid trip to Huawei just by reading this article? You probably wouldn’t believe me. Good, because it’s not true in the slightest. But what if I told you that this summer you can go backpacking around Nova Scotia and have as much or more fun than Huawei? Getting more believable? Nova Scotia is one of the four provinces that form Atlantic Canada, and has the most beautiful coastline you’ll ever see.  Here are 7 places around Nova Scotia you definitely should visit this summer.

1. Go check out Cape Breton Island and The Cabot Trail

The first on the list is one of the most sought out destinations in Nova Scotia. The island of Cape Breton is only a 3 hour drive from Halifax. In three easy steps you can escape all the stress of the city: go outside, fill up with gas, and enjoy the magic that is ‘The Cabot Trail’. The scenery will amaze and astound you, and your pictures are guaranteed to be a hit. But wait, there’s more.  If you’re into the outdoors book your seats in advance at Saint Anns. You can hike, kayak through caves, see two eagle nests and a gorgeous waterfall. For the wildlife lovers out there, Cape Breton’s got you covered as well. Watch out for Branch Pond look-off trail in the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. You can also go fishing, motorcycling, or camping. This weekend head to Cape Breton to make your weekend getaway count!



2. Head to Lunenberg

If history fascinates you, Lunenburg is the place to be. Old Town Lunenburg flaunts its extraordinary heritage throughout. It is also named a UNESCO world Heritage site. Located south west of Halifax this historic town is home to Bluenose II, a replica of original shipping boat Bluenose. The Bluenose, an 18 year undefeated racing schooner, is also featured on the Canadian dime. Not far from the picturesque boat is Blue Rocks, known for its hiking. For food lovers, Lunenburg is famous for seafood, which can tantalize even the most landlocked visitors. Awe striking heritage, check. Picture-perfect viewpoint, check. Incredible food, check. Well, it’s settled then. This summer you’ll definitely see a picture or two on my insta showing off #Lunenburg.




3. Go hike Cape Split Trail

Attention hikers: Cape Split Trail is where your search for a breathtaking landscape ends. Pack your bags, put some sunscreen on, and put your phones away because this 16 km hike is all you need to get away from city’s hustle to find some peace. It’s about a 130 km drive from Halifax, and you should probably start early in the day to be back before dark. Adding to the fun, the Bay of Fundy has some of the highest tides in the world, which make for a perfect pitstop. (Hey and that’s one of our writers in the picture below, Allie Jehle, making her summer count!)



4. Go take pictures at Peggys Cove

Peggys cove is a small rural town 40 km to the Southwest of Halifax. It’s


a perfect stop for people who enjoy rustic beauty. And let’s be real, did you even go to Halifax if you didn’t take selfies at Peggys Cove?  While you’re there, make sure you get a picture of the iconic, 100 year old, still in use, lighthouse. The trail to the lighthouse and the surrounding areas are mesmerizing. The best part? Dover Island, situated next to Peggys Cove, offers the best bouldering experience in Nova Scotia. Every year Climb Nova Scotia hosts a boulderfest, and tickets often sell out within one day. That’s right, just 24 hours! You’de better start making plans, because you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one. (Useful travelling tip: make sure you have enough food and water)


5. Detour to Wolfville

Here’s a radical thought (I know I’m full of ‘em), on your way to Cape Split Trail, take a break for some heavenly breakfast in Wolfville. Order a crepe from the utterly delicious menu of the Naked Crepe Bistro. I’ll even buy if you take me with you! While you’re there, you can also stop by the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens and Randall House Historical Museum. The reviews are great as is the town’s hospitality. The cider is also to die for. To Wolfville!

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6. Headout to Kejimkujik National Park

It’s a perfect getaway for all you nature-lovers. Don’t think twice as Kejimkujik is as hard to miss as is to pronounce. It’s got it all. Rivers, lakes, wildlife, amazing ever-soothing climate and camping sites. There are 15 hiking trails available for both day hikes and overnight backpack camping, the longest being the 56 km Liberty Lake trail. You know what if I were you, I’d be packing my bags and not even waiting to read the next place on the list.



7. Enjoy the phenomenal ‘The Bay of Fundy’

Famous for the greatest tides in the world, the Bay of Fundy provides visitors with an experience of a lifetime. The bay is home to several islands, the largest of which is Grand Manan at the boundary with the Gulf of Maine. The Five Islands, in the Minas Basin, is worth every second you spend there. If that’s not enough let me leave you with this superscenic pictures which might just give you new travelling goals this summer.


What are some of your favorite places around Nova Scotia? Share in the comments below!
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