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15 Pictures That Prove Why Being A Ram Is The Best

15 Pictures That Prove Why Being A Ram Is The Best


Ryerson University is an amazing school for everyone who aims to experience the downtown life. From the busyness of the Eaton Centre, dozens of restaurants around, and a fun environment for people to explore, Ryerson University is a school people wish they can go to. Here are 15 gorgeous Insta pics that prove why being a Ram is the best!

1. Sometimes there are free food opportunities

Ryerson is in the heart of Toronto, meaning that people are marketing their food brands. So keep an eye out (or even join the Facebook group) for free food around campus. Sometimes, the free food supports charity, so go and eat free food and support great charities.

Drop by the SLC before 2 and you can still get some chili in support of the United Way. Yum!

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2. We are in the perfect place for TIFF

In September, celebrities from all over come to Downtown Toronto to go to the premieres of their movies. For a few weeks A-listers are walking around the streets of Toronto. In addition, Ryerson Theatre actually is a place for TIFF premieres. So if you want to meet some of your favourite celebrities, being at Ryerson makes it easy to go to Red Carpets after class.


3. Ryerson’s merch

I know “merch” is considered to be correlated with singers; however, Ryerson has amazing clothes available. Of course there are the classic sweaters, scarves, pens, etc., but you can also get stylish Ryerson clothes that will match anyone’s Instagram aesthetic.



4. The Ryesonian

We have an amazing newspaper here at Ryerson. With talented photographers, writers, and stories, The Ryersonian is a must-read every time a new issue is released.



5. The Fashion Zone

Ryerson’s Fashion Zone, if you have not heard of it, is a place where they help you start-up your fashion business. Here is where you can begin the business you have always dreamed of. The Fashion Zone is an amazing place, that will help students and the fashion community. And, I mean, who doesn’t love extremely instagram-worthy clothing.

Guys, our friends at @sneakerdeck have just launched their site! Get in on the latest 👟 launches and chat with the #streetwear community.

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6. Oh how fitting, 6Fest

The legendary 6Fest has been at Ryerson for a few years. With performers like Diplo, French Montana, and of course – Drake, it’s an event no one wants to miss.


I wonder who’s performing 🤔

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7. The Maple Leaf Gardens=our gym

Okay, this one is a little strange, but it’s for the Leafs Fans at Ryerson. The former Maple Leaf Gardens is now part of Ryerson’s campus as our Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC). Here there are courts and amazing gym equipment, plus you can use the gym with your OneCard. The MAC is home of the Ryerson Rams, and is a great place to watch games when the teams are playing here.

Only five more finals to go #RUkiddingme⁉️

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8. A lake in the middle of a city

In between the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto, Ryerson is a place that is a bit calmer. I mean we even have a (man-made) lake on campus. With Ryerson’s campus being on Yonge and Dundas, that means there is never a dull moment, but students can still have the serene moments (sometimes).

A beautiful morning on campus indeed! 🌞 | #WhyRyerson 📷:@mynameishiep

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9. You can always go shopping

Having our school next to the Eaton Centre is a blessing and a curse. Of course, we can see any great sales, have something to do in our free time, and if we have something to buy last-minute – we can get it. However, the mall is so tempting and students just end up spending a lot of money there. Overall, the Eaton Centre is a great place if you want something to eat or do in between classes (and you don’t feel like studying).



10. That one time our Prime Minister was here with Prince Harry

This was for the upcoming Invictus games; however, this means famous people know about our school. When you think about it, Ryerson has some amazing and successful alumi. From Nina Dobrev to Nia Vardalos, RU’s alumni give students hope for an extremely successful future.


11. There will be somewhere to eat

Ryerson is in the middle of everything, especially restaurants. There are food courts at the Eaton Centre and YDS, then the numerous amount of restaurants down Yonge, you will never run out of variety when going to Ryerson.


All hands on deck. – Pete #BasilBox #LiveLoveEat #WarningDelicious #BoxItUp #LoveAtFirstBite #FeedYourSoul

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12. We are home to the TRMC

The Ted Rogers Management Conference is one of the biggest student-run conferences in North America, and every year the event gets bigger and better. The three-day event involves delegates who enter case-competitions, listen to speakers, and attend the different events the TRMC team has created. Being a business student, I needed to give a shout out to TRSM (Ted Rogers School of Management) at some point in my articles.


13. Sometimes we break world records

During Frosh week of 2016, Ryerson students broke the Guinness World Record for the most people chewing gum at the same time. I know it’s a bit of a strange world record, but not many schools can say they broke record when class hasn’t even began.



14. The SLC

One of our staple buildings here at Ryerson, it’s a fan-favourite, it’s the Student Learning Centre. A place where students are able to study and relax in the middle of downtown. The floors of this building have different themes. My favourite is the Beach (I mean, come on, it’s everyone’s fave).



15. There is one event after the other.

Here at Ryerson, we are really lucky to be in the heart of Toronto because of the dozens of opportunities that arise everyday. There are events every week; if you blink, you might miss some. These events are a great way to expand your network and learn about what our world has to offer.

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