These Pictures Will Make You Wish You Were Starting School At York University Tomorrow

Are photos worth a thousand words? Or is it the experiences that come with those images? Look at these pictures of York University to decide for yourself!

Are pictures worth a thousand words? Or is the experiences that come with those pictures? Take a look at these pictures of York University and decide for yourself!

1. Brand new buildings!


The engineering building has a unique structure with lots of sunlight through the glass structure. A new Student Centre is in the making, and is going to a fun and chill atmosphere. The subway system is working! You can now check out the awesome few stations within York to help navigate where you are going!


2. YorkU Lions Crew


The event staff team is extremely helpful and fun! I could personally testify of their amazing management and how they make all York Lions events run smoothly.


3. Who doesn’t like a huge campus?



York is a huge campus with lots of students and staff members! Sometimes it could be a drag to walk so much, but it is a small community, a place to go where you need some time off. Also, there is a variety of programs and additional certificates that are available!


4. More than one library? Really?


York has 5 different library! Yes, you read that right, FIVE! There is always space to study in quite zones and to chill and relax in friendly zones! Check out the main Scott Library that has 5 levels!



5. Ever wanted to go underground?


The Underground has amazing food and events that is the go-to place for students! Lots of individual and band performances!



6. I got 99 problems but ?


Lots of drink and food variety, starting from bubble tea and Boosterjuice to burgers and pasta !

7. York is HANDS ON!



The education is not limited to huge lecture halls or seminars. We have the opportunity to have co-op, internships and even volunteering outside, in reality.


8. Superwomen


YorkU has many famous alumni that still visit York! Check out when Superwoman came and spoke to the current students! Wouldn’t you want to go to a University, where is simliar to Hollywood?


9. Love to talk or ask questions?


York has its own TEDTalks! You can communicate with many inspiring authors or spokesperson who you find most interesting! Find out new ideas that could potentially be the focus of your researching career!


10. French? Oui, Oui.



Glendon Campus is extremely well known for their bilingualism. York also offers many different other languages such as Hebrew, Parsi, Portuguese, Chinese, Hindi, etc!


11. Everyone is Welcome!



York has multiculturalism week, where all the clubs get together and show their tradition! Some prizes could be won such or small snacks and you could join and feel more like at home.



12. York has an Observatory!


On the International Women’s Day, the observatory turned into a scientific lab for women to study astronomy. It is completely free and sometimes hosts events on specific and special events that occurs in our sky!


13. Environment Crazy!



One of our well known programs, Environmental Studies is part of saving the world! Unfortunately they can not stop storms or increase snow to cancel classes, but they offer a variety of different opportunities.


14. Stories?


Everyone has their own Story. At York, you are free to express yours! Check out some of the students and staff members on their story.



15. Love Memes?


YorkU has its own Meme Instagram that will make you laugh your butts off! Check out this one, where it confirms that there is no such a thing as, snow days!



What are your favorite pictures of York University? Comment below!
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