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10 Perfect Songs For Drunk Karaoke

10 Perfect Songs For Drunk Karaoke

Drunk karaoke is always a fun girls night idea! Jamming out and drinking is the best combo. These 10 songs will get your Karaoke party started.

There a few things more fun than drink karaoke Something about standing up there with microphones singing tunes of your childhood makes you feel a type of way.  Here are 10 perfect songs for a night of drunk karaoke.

1.  Torn-Natalie Imbruglia

This is the epitome of a classic radio song. I can not tell you how many times I would roll my window down and belt this song out when it came out in the ’90s wishing I was in the music video. No matter where you go, there will always be at least one person who picks this song to sing for their drunk karaoke performance.  The nostalgia makes it even better.

2.  I Want It That Way-BackStreet Boys

It just is not a normal drunk karaoke night if you don’t include a boy band song as part of your grand performance. It is even better if you can get four of your friends to join you to become each member of the band. I call being Nick!  I mean, come on, there is nothing better than that.


3. Always By My Baby- Mariah Carey

It is time to get a little diva fabulous when this song comes on. We may not all have the pipes like Mariah but we sure can have fun trying to hit those high nights and rock the vibratos.

4. Semi-Charmed– Third Eye Blind

This song is sure to get everyone on their feet and sing along, and you will become a memorable favourite by rocking this huge throwback that is still such a hit and resonates with everyone everywhere.

5.Lucky- Britney Spears

OK, this one is more about acting out the words than actually singing in my opinion. The music video was so iconic and played out like a movie, that with the lyrics and beat, it is easy to imitate the moves Britney did so well in the ’90s


6. Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston

This song is as much about bringing the house down with your dance moves as it is singing as loud as you can to a song that makes everyone happy.  Not one person will not be tapping their feet and singing along, and the room for dramatic gestures and an encore finish are so tempting you won’t be able to resist ending with a bang.

7. Lose Yourself-Eminem

I am being serious. To be fair, any Eminem song will do, because it is always fun to show off your rap skills to your pals and show them you can spit those rhymes as fast and fluently as the master himself (OK, maybe not as good as him, but pretty close). Throwing a little rap into the mix is always a fun idea.

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8. Ain’t got you- Alicia Keys

This is a classic that will never ever get old. This song hits you right in the feels always and is a great song to belt out on your knees, unleashing your heart and soul, pretending you are doing your Grammy award-winning number. Take it from me, after a few glasses of wine, this song will transform you.

9. Don’t Stop Believin’-Journey

This song always makes me think of that Glee episode and I really need to get drunk and perform this at least once a month to give me that motivation to keep on keeping on with being a 20 something mess.

10. Man, I Feel Like A Women- Shania Twain

End the night with this girls anthem, raise your drinks in the air, turn those mics on as loud as they can go, kick off your shoes and bring the house down. You will feel vindicated, youthful and every other positive self-empowering emotion when you rock out to this tune.


So go out and enjoy drunk karaoke and sing these songs to your heart’s content. What are your favourite karaoke songs? Comment below!

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