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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At The University Of Toronto

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At The University Of Toronto

The University of Toronto is an incredibly diverse place, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fall subject to certain norms. There are still plenty of people you’ll always run into at The University of Toronto. No matter what college you’re in or what part of campus you happen to be on, chances are you will always run into these 10 types of people.

1. The High School Friend

You may not have been close in high school but you’ve now bonded over a shared four year experience and a fear of the unknown. Going to a new school can be scary, so why not hold on to the familiar? Yes you’ll make new friends but it’s always comforting to have someone whose been through it all with you.

2. Tutorial Girl

You sat with her the first day, but chances are you didn’t know her name until first semester was almost over. She’s your go to girl for questions, help, complaints about the course, or the occasional joke at your TA’s expense. Smile and wave, ask her if she did the readings, and continue on your way.



3. The Jogger

Seriously don’t you have lectures? Readings? Tests to study for? Not all of us can balance our physical health and adult priorities, stop making me feel bad about the third plate of spaghetti I ate in the dining hall today.

4. Con Hall Hottie

Con Hall, the best spot on campus for people watching if you ask me. The hot guy you always notice sitting in the distance? Yes, chances are you will run into him again.


5. Your TA

Yup, you’re bound to have an awkward encounter with your TA. You could turn on the charm and have a nice chat in an attempt to gain favourability and have your marks raised, but chances are you will just smile awkwardly and walk (run) quickly in the opposite direction.

6. The Varsity Athlete

They’re everywhere! So tall, so fit, so unattainable. Don’t worry girl, there’s always a chance.


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7. Your Besty

Go best friend that’s my best friend! I know you want to talk to her, rant to her, gossip to her, but you’re gonna be late for class! Snapchat or text ya girl, you’ll see her soon enough.

8. That Person You Met at a Party

Whether it was a frat party or a res party, you’re bound to run into someone you met while plastered. Who knows, you might even have puked on them at one point, but hey, both of you will pretend like you never met and go on your way.


9. The Drunk Hook Up

Look I get it, you were drunk. However, this doesn’t make up for the incredibly awkward pass by that’s about to happen. What was that? Did you just get a text from your mom asking you if you want lasagna for dinner? Maybe you should look down at your phone as you walk by them to avoid eye contact.

10. The Frat Boy

“Hey I’m in a frat. Wanna come by the frat? Did I tell you I’m in a frat?” Who cares where you first encountered him, this boy will make you question everything you know about the diversity of the English language. Avoid if possible.

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