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10 People You’ll Always Run Into At Carleton University

Our school is full of lots of students, but no matter where you go, these are the types of people you’ll always run into at Carleton University.

1. That one person who is always late

2. That one person who asks you for a lighter

3. That one person who you see everywhere you go, but don’t know personally


4. That one person who is calling or Face-timing someone on speaker phone, and you overhear their entire conversation

5. That one person who is over enthusiastic about talking to you about voting/ballots or a club

6. The group of friends who scream when they run into each other

7. That one group of friends who all speak a different language as they talk between themselves you wonder… what on earth are they talking about?


8. That one girl dressed so nicely- you wonder where she is going after class

9. That one person watching a YouTube video or Netflix during a lecture… (me watching Friends)

10. That one person napping in class/couch/library/Starbucks

Are there any other types of people you’ll always run into at Carleton University? Comment below!
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Nikki Tootoonchian

Nikki Tootoonchian is a young, vibrant, and creative woman who is currently after her English major at Carleton University. She is an avid fan of writing including poetry, script and story writing, and lyrics. Her influences include Charles Simic, Edgar Allan Poe, and Lewis Caroll. She spends her spare time playing the drums, watching horror films, and reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. She aspires to become a more serious writer and to encourage others to pursue the arts in the near future.

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