An Open Letter To My High School Boyfriend


Dear High School Boyfriend,

I know that it’s been a while and I know that this is probably very unexpected, especially coming from me, but I wanted to write you a thank you letter.

Thank you for breaking up with me.

That’s definitely a sentence that I never thought I’d say, but truly mean today. Through our breakup I experienced a great deal of pain, but I also learned how to overcome it. You taught me that personal reflection is my favourite coping mechanism.

Thank you for giving me time to find peace in being single and to become more confident with myself.

An opportunity to do so was exactly what I needed the most.



Thank you for not pushing me beyond the limitations that I had set for myself.

Because my great sense of self respect is something that I continue to take pride in today.

This is exactly what I'd say to my high school boyfriend.

Thank you for confirming that I cannot please everyone.

I no longer care to.




Thank you for understanding that there is no need to force a friendship after being more than friends.

Sometimes space is the best solution.

Thank you for allowing me to realize that one day there would be someone who was willing to put in the effort that you lacked.

Thank you for teaching me that a first relationship and first love do not necessarily go hand in hand.

I believe that a first love is a feeling. You were a first relationship.

And finally, thank you for proving to me that by never saying “I love you,” I made a good decision.

Frankly, I’m glad that I saved it for someone who meant it in return.



Your High School Girlfriend

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