5 New Sex Positions To Try With Your SO For A Hot Night

Need some new sex positions now that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner? These five hot new moves will are there for you! Here’s how to switch up your regular sex life with your SO to something a little more steamy, or at the very least, new!

If you feel a little nervous about introducing new sex positions into the regular line up, I promise, these will go over well. Always approach the bedroom with an open mind! You can always tell your SO that you wanna change up some sex positions, and telling them exactly what you want is ALWAYS sexy!

First up, let’s take this train to oral sex town, population, the two of you!

1. Back-Door Dinner

This is a straight-up fierce position – eat your SO from the behind! Maybe you’re in the middle of sex and you just wanna give your SO a little more attention (but in a nasty, and kinda rough way), you wanna start of f the sex session in a steamier manner, or you just feel the need to rip your SO’s pants right off and have a snack (consensually, of course)! Whatever it is, this sex position will make you hungry for more!

2. The Face Sit

Out of all the oral sex positions, this one really says bow down bitches. Sitting on your SO’s face can make you feel powerful and dominant, or even submissive to the work of your partner – whatever it is, its frickin’ hot. If you will be taking something down your throat, be careful, but if you wanna get rough it it and really let your face get plowed, go for it! It’s so so fun!

And now, after some oral sex, why not move on to some penetrative sex positions? If that’s not something you’re into, don’t even worry about it, this next position feels good even without penetration!

3. Art And Crafts: Scissors Edition

Some good ol’ fashioned scissoring folks! A really good way to to transition into sex, y’all can start sliding around on each other with this move! If you don’t want penetration, this is one sex position that is just as fun without that! As you scissor each other, touching, licking, kissing, biting, whatever else on the rest of your SO’s body is soooooo sexy and shows you’re really thinking about them!

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From here, try and get into a position you haven’t tried before, one that’s a little more “off the beaten path” in terms of your sexual adventure guide. You can easily slide your way into this next sex position. one that’s a little more difficult, but definitely hot!

4. Legs Up!

Used to riding your SO or getting ridden by your SO? This position is going to take that all-time favourite up a notch! Whoever is on the bottom can sit up, with their legs out, as the person on top lifts their legs into the air, resting it on their partners shoulders. Not only is this going to give you to-die-for penetration, but looking at each other in this super hot position is gonna be incredibly sexy. Both of you can get your hips working, but honestly, this position doesn’t require too much work!

 5. Kneeling Together

This final sex position is a really sexy and cuddly variation on regular doggy style. While in this position, whichever partner is in the back can play with all the parts of the one in the front, and give them some steamy neck kisses as well! This position is even more amplified if you look into a mirror while doing it – a sexy selfie perhaps?

Which of these sex positions are you going to try tonight with your SO? Have any other favourites you wanna share? Comment below!

Featured Image: https://stylecaster.com/longer-sex-positions/
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