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5 New Sex Positions To Try And Where In Your House To Try Them

These sex positions are oh so fun – and not just because it means you are having sex! With these sex positions, you can switch up the sex you are having, but, you can also try them in new locations all around your house! Is there somewhere that you have always wanted to bang, but haven’t been able to work it into your routine? Or maybe you just weren’t sure exactly what sex position would work in an area in your house? With these five sex positions, you can find both your new favourite sex positions, AND your new favourite place to have sex – a double whammy!

1. The Leg Up – In The Hallway

This sex position takes you beyond the boudoir, in every place that has a hallway! Perfect for when you are feeling horny and can’t wait until you get to the bedroom, you can truly try this position all over the house! This is the kind of sex position you need for when you’re ready to rip your partner’s clothes off in the middle of the house. Using the support of the door frame, you can lean against each other, putting a foot up so that one partner can enter the other. By having the doorframe as support, your partner can even pick you up! Take advantage of the leverage offered by the doorframe – and each other!

2. Elevated Doggy Style – The Laundry Room

The laundry room, and especially when laundry machines are one, are a very sexy place to be. Always wondered if a laundry machine would ACTUALLY feel good on your clitoris? Now is the time to try! The movement of the machine will feel good on your bodies, the smell of fresh laundry will keep you happy, and the potentially loud noise of your laundry machines can cover up your noises, so that you can be as loud as you want!

3. Standing Oral – The Bathroom

The bathroom is a place with plenty of space to have non-bedroom sex! Shower sex is of course, a classic, and sitting on the edge of your tub, or even the toilet, is another easy way to bring a little sexy into the bathroom! But instead of those sex positions, maybe try some oral while leaning against the sink! Not only does standing oral feel like one of the most urgent sex positions, but it’s a really sexy way to transition into sex – and more sex positions! Start your morning off right in this way, or even start and evening sex session with this!

4. Restrained Teasing – The Kitchen

The kitchen is another room with many sexy opportunities. Bringing food into your sex positions is always spicy (sometimes literally), and having sex while lying on a table, or even up against your sink is nice n’ naughty! but this sex position, one that includes a little more BDSM, is one of the new sex positions you HAVE to try! Do this against any door with a large handle, such as your fridge, a cabinet, or a pantry. The partner who is not tied can tease you, spank you with kitchen utensils – whatever you want, as long as its consensual!

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5. Sitting Doggy Style – The Staircase

Most sex positions we hear of on the stairs are pretty much just doggy style, but this one stands out! With one of you kneeling on the stairs, and the other one standing, this position allows you to have a lot of support, while maximizing penetration. The two of you can play with each other, and include any other staircase positions you want to ass well – the beauty about sitting doggy style is that its easy to get in and out of.

Which of these sex positions are you going to try? Where in your house have you always wanted to have sex? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured Image: https://www.kinkly.com/2/442/sex-tips/passion-play/beyond-the-bed-how-you-can-use-your-house-to-spice-up-your-sex-life
Hannah Murray

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