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10 Must-Have Products For Dry Skin

10 Must-Have Products For Dry Skin

If you struggle with dry skin or are looking for products to make your skin glow, look no further! These are the must-have products for dry skin to try now!

Do you struggle with dry skin and don’t have the time, energy, or will to create the perfect skincare routine for yourself? Luckily for you, I did a bunch of research and have the top 10 must-have products for dry skin to try out now!

1. Mild, no-foam cleansing lotion

Use a gentle cleanser at the start of your AM and PM routines to wash your face without drying the skin. The Gentle Cleansing Milk by Caudalie contains sweet almond oil, grape seed oil and shea butter extract for a smooth, moisturizing and soothing cleansing for even the most sensitive skin. Apply the lotion onto dry skin with a cotton pad twice a day, no need to rinse.

2. Alcohol-free toner

Use a toner in your AM and PM routines to remove any excess makeup and other dirt that your cleanser missed, and to refresh and hydrate your skin. Since alcohols are drying, irritating and damaging to the skin, avoid ingredients such as ethanol, SD alcohol 40, isopropyl alcohol and denatured alcohol. The Rose Floral Toner by Fresh is an alcohol-free toner that soothes the skin and provides 24 hours of moisture.


3. Antioxidant serum

Use a serum with at least one of the antioxidant vitamins E, C and A in your AM routine, between toning and moisturizing, to prevent collagen breakdown. Serums are made of smaller molecules than other products to deliver highly concentrated ingredients deep into the skin. Truth Serum by Ole Henriksen contains a triple vitamin C complex and is boosted with collagen to brighten, firm and hydrate the skin.


4. Night-time serum

The Invigorating Night Transformation Gel by Ole Henriksen is an anti-aging serum with AHAs and microalgae smooths skin texture, evens tone and reduces the look of fine lines, while also soothing the skin. Though you may not think aging is a skincare concern yet, the aging process for skin usually begins in your mid-20s, and dry skin is susceptible to fine lines if not properly taken care of. It’s never too early for anti-aging products! Just like in your AM routine, use the serum between toning and moisturizing.

5. Hydrating moisturizer with SPF

The final step of your AM routine is a moisturizer with SPF. The Pep-Start Hydro Rush Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 by Clinique is an oil-free moisturizer that delivers all-day hydration while providing your skin protection from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB rays. Good news for those who wear makeup: this product doubles as a primer for foundation!


6. Agave lip mask

If you also struggle with dry, chapped lips, you will love the Agave Lip Mask by Bite Beauty! It’s a leave-on mask with a similar texture to lip gloss that replenishes moisture. Apply it before bed and leave it on. The mask is food-grade, meaning it’s okay if you swallow it. It can also be used during the day as a gloss and comes in three shades: clear, Champagne (rose gold pearl) and Smashed (sheer candy apple red).


7. Agave lip balm

The Agave Lip Balm by Bite Beauty ($20) nourishes and protects the lips. Use daily. Like the rest of Bite’s products, this balm is food-grade.

8. Agave lip scrub

The Agave Lip Scrub by Bite Beauty includes brown sugar and pineapple enzymes to leave lips feeling soft and smooth. Apply the scrub onto your lips in a circular motion and add water to create a milky, cleansing emulsion. Gently remove excess sugar with a soft towel.


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9. At-home facial peel

You should avoid using an exfoliating scrub for your dry skin because the rough edges may tear at your skin and cause irritation. Instead, use a facial peel like Modern Friction: Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion by Origins once a week. Massage the product into clean skin, rinse well, follow with toner and the rest of your AM or PM routine.


10. Tsubaki oil

Once a week, you can replace your PM moisturizer with a face oil (if your skin is extra dry, you can use face oil instead of PM moisturizer every night). The Tsubaki Beauty Oil by boscia ($46) is a powerful anti-aging oil, increases collagen synthesis and inhibits the production of collagenase (the enzyme that contributes to collagen breakdown), and contains Omegas 6 and 9 which help deliver moisture deep within the skin. It also helps even the skin tone by reducing the synthesis of melanin.



In addition to using the right products, remember to drink a lot of water and eat a diet full of hydrating foods, because a hydrated body makes for hydrated skin! If you have your own must-have products for dry skin that I missed, leave them in the comments.

Do you have any other products for dry skin to add to the list?! Share in the comments below.

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