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10 Most Unique Places To Study Abroad In The World

10 Most Unique Places To Study Abroad In The World

The years of college and university are some of the most exciting years of your life, so why not throw a little travel excitement into the mix? Between working full time and the possibility of starting a family in your future, these fleeting years ahead are the only ones you’ll have to spare for travelling. Keep reading for a list of the top 10 most unique places to study abroad!

1. Singapore Management University, Asia

Known mostly for their vast array of post-graduate programs, Singapore Management University is listed as Asia’s top university. 57% of their post-graduate students are international students varying from numerous countries all around the world. Not only would you be getting to study at most renowned university in Asia, there are also many tourist activities to check out such as the Singapore Flyer, Universal Studios Singapore, Tiger Sky Tower, Wild Wild Wet and so much more!



2. University of Iceland

The “land of fire and ice” as it is nicknamed will surely impress you with the breathtaking scenic views. The University of Iceland is located in the heart of the capital city of Reykjavik, where you can see the country’s beauty from every corner of campus. Iceland’s tourist population is steadily increasing due to their many natural tourist attractions such as waterfalls, volcanoes and the Blue Lagoon Hot Springs. From personal travel experience, I would go back to Iceland in a heartbeat so it is most definitely a place to check out!




3. Bond University, Australia

In the beautiful city of Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia, Bond University is a destination to definitely add to your list. Not only does the name of the establishment sound incredibly cool, there is also a lake on campus! How often do you get to see that? If you really want to explore, not too far from campus is Broadbeach where you can ride some epic waves while learning how to surf or get sand in your leggings as you practice yoga on the beach!


4. Trinity College, Ireland

Located in Dublin, Ireland, Trinity College is Ireland’s oldest college which means that the luck of the Irish has been around for many centuries! If you choose to study in Ireland, not only are you immersing yourself with the gorgeous landscapes, you are also enriching your brain with the long history that Ireland has to offer. Go visit the old Viking fortress in the town of Limerick or Blarney Castle! With this amazing history at your fingertips, you’ll surely never be bored!



5. New York University, U.S.A.

New York is the city of lights and where dreams are made of, how could you not study here? New York University (or commonly referred to as NYU) is an incredible place to study abroad because you would be on the old stomping grounds of hundreds of celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Lady Gaga , Angelina Jolie, Adam Sandler and many more! There’s also thousands of tourist attractions in New York City such as Times Square, Empire State Building, Central Park, The Statue of Liberty, etc. Maybe take a visit to the Upper East Side and live life like Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl would.



6. University of Cape Town, South Africa

Ranked as Africa’s leading university for education, the University of Cape Town is definitely the place you want to be to receive an education. Located in South Africa, the university is surrounded by breathtaking mountains and a gorgeous skyline that stretches for miles. When you’re not on campus studying, you can climb the renowned Table Mountains for a gorgeous view of Cape Town or shop at the Victoria and Alfred Water front or even visit Boulders Beach and see some penguins!


7. University of Florence, Italy

Mamma Mia Pizzeria! What could be better than studying in a country with some of the most delicious food in the world?! In the heart of Florence, Italy you could be studying at one of the oldest universities in the world! The University of Florence has a rich history dating all the way back to 1321 and is surrounded by art and history museums to capture the beauty of it’s age. On your days off you can visit these museums, take walking trips through Florence or even take a Segway tour in the streets!



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8. University of Westminster, London

Imagine being able to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (a.k.a Prince William and Kate Middleton) in real life instead of on a TV screen? Imagine being able to walk up to the gates of Buckingham Palace to take pictures. If you chose to study at the University of Westminster located in London, England, these imaginations could become a reality. Not only would you be studying in central London, you could take a trip on the London eye, eat traditional fish and chips and even watch one of Shakespeare’s plays being performed!


9. University of Copenhagen, Denmark

It doesn’t get much older than the University of Copenhagen, being the oldest university in Denmark and the second oldest in Scandinavia. The university is surrounded with gorgeous stone pathways and has a balance of exquisite ancient and modern architecture. Not too far from campus is Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world which will definitely satisfy your inner thrill seeker.



10. Ryerson University, Toronto

In the heart of downtown Toronto, you cannot get any better than Ryerson. The campus is located at the busiest and most diverse hubs in all of Toronto, Yonge Dundas Square. With the numerous places to shop and eat, you wont even have time to be bored. Every tourist attraction known in Toronto is just a short walk away from this campus like Nathan Phillps Square, The CN Tower, The Hockey Hall of Fame, etc. It sounds as if it couldn’t get any better right? Well that’s where you’re wrong, Ryerson even got drake to perform at their Orientation week in 2015. Hands down the best university you’ll find in Toronto.



In your opinion, what are some of the better, more unique places to study abroad? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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