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20 Most Delicious Things That You Need To Eat In Waterloo Before You Graduate

20 Most Delicious Things That You Need To Eat In Waterloo Before You Graduate


If you are reading this then you are ready to embark on the ultimate food journey. These are literally some of the things that you need to eat in Waterloo. The complete guide to the most delicious bites in Waterloo is in the palm of your hands (or on the screen of your laptop). As a university student it can be easy to fall in to the habits of Kraft Dinner and Eggo Waffles, but sometimes you have to snap out of it and treat yo’ self. When you look back on your university years you will remember the nights out with friends, the early mornings in class and the days you ate your way through this food bucket list. In no particular order, here are the best meals in Waterloo.

1. Margherita Pizza from Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

You know that perfect piece of pizza that makes you wonder if you could ever eat anything else again? Well this pizza is the kind of pizza that will make you cheat on your diet and not feel bad about it. The margherita is the most standard of all the pizzas, but when done well, it can be unforgettable. Famoso has mastered the the perfect ratio of dough, sauce, cheese and toppings that gets cooked in a wood-fired oven, putting all other pizzas to shame…sorry Campus Pizza.



2. Dynasty Duck Bao at Bao Sandwich Bar

Have you heard of the wonder that is bao? It is the newest trend in North American food culture, a popular concept originating from Vietnamese sandwiches and Taiwanese steamed buns. These delicious sandwiches are known as Bánh mì and Gua Bao. Honestly this sandwich will change your life, just trust me.



3. A Burrito at Fat Bastard Burrito

We all know that familiar feeling when you and your friends stumble out of Phil’s after too many whiskey sours and your stomach is just like, “FEED ME.” Well, the remedy for you is just a 2 minute walk down the road. There is nothing better than a late night huge chicken burrito from Fat Bastard Burrito, it will not only cure your impending hangover but will be the only good decision that was made that night.


4. A Flat White at Settlement Co.

Not only will this coffee blow your mind, Settlement Co. is the ultimate place for that perfect Insta pic, their decor is so aesthetically pleasing, your pictures will look like they came straight out of a magazine. It gets better, the vibe is perfect if you are looking to get in some extra study time, I have honestly spent hours there and their coffee is the perfect fuel.




5. Eggs Benedict at Red House

But first, Brunch. If you are like me and you are a brunch enthusiast then you have to try the eggs benny at Red House. I mean, it’s served on a friggin homemade cheddar biscuit… I repeat, it is served on a CHEDDAR BISCUIT! Not to mention, their restaurant is super charming and makes you feel like you are back home on a Sunday morning.



6. Stout Poutine at ABE ERB

Gravy, cheese curds, fries and beer; These are a few of my favourite things and yes they are also ingredients in the stout poutine. The only thing that could possibly make this hearty Canadian staple more hearty and more Canadian is by adding beer and trust me it is satisfying on all levels.  Not only is ABE ERB an awesome restaurant but they are also a brewery, yes a brewery! If you want to be disappointed with all the other poutines you have ever had, then you need to try this one.



7.  Shellfish at The Boil Bar

The Boil Bar is a really cool experience, grab a group of friends and prepare to get messy. When you sit down at the table, instead of cutlery, you are greeted with a plastic bib, plastic gloves and a plastic table cloth; this was my first indication that this was going to be a very primal experience… I was right. Once you order your food, you suit up in your plastic attire and prepare to get down to business. You can pick from a variety of shellfish options, from mussels to crawfish, followed by your choice of sauce and any added spice if you dare.

8. Sushi Burrito and Hungry Ninja

YAS! Finally, my two favourite comfort foods combined in to one beautiful work of art, the sushi burrito.

9. Homemade Pasta at Ennios Pasta House

This is melt in your mouth Italian cooking. If you are looking for your daily dose of carbohydrates, their pasta will fulfill your every need. Your biggest struggle will be trying to decide from their 22 different pasta dishes but trust me, they are all to die for. If you want to taste what a bowl of comfort tastes like then you definitely need to go here.



10. A Personalized Burger at Frat Burger

This conveniently located restaurant is the perfect place to get the ultimate burger. Choose from one of their many perfectly crafted recipes or even better, build your own burger from top to bottom. With 6 different patty options and copious choices for toppings you can build the burger of your dreams. These burgers having bragging rights!



11. Tacos and Tequila at Taco Farm

Try these tacos! Taco farm makes the most mouthwatering tacos in the Loo. Forget Taco Tuesdays, go to Waddle out Wednesdays where you can get all you can eat tacos. They go above and beyond to bring you an exciting and one-of-a-kind taco experience. If you like to push the limits of flavour then this place is for you, plus they make a mean margarita.


12. Pad Thai at BeerTown

This is by far the best Pad Thai I have ever tasted, I don’t know what they do to it but it tastes phenomenal. Add chicken or shrimp or make it vegetarian, it’s perfect either way. The sweet and sour peanut sauce that they use is like the sauce of gods, I honestly wish they would sell it in buckets so I could take it home and put it on everything.



  13. Chana Masala at Masala Bay

If you want to treat your taste buds, then this dish is for you. This vegetarian meal is a combination of chickpeas, aromatic spices, onions and tomatoes that will leave you feeling warm on the insides.

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14. Appetizers at The Bauer Kitchen

From hoisin glazed duck confit wings to french onion fondue, the appetizers at The Bauer Kitchen never fail to impress. Get yourself a couple of friends and order the tasting platter, the chef will craft this platter to treat you to the most delicious selection of apps that will blow your mind… people will have app envy.



15. Sandwiches at Vincenzo’s

Forget Subway, grab your next sub at Vincenzo’s where you can choose from endless high quality ingredients to create a decadent lunch. Just to make your experience better, you can order your sandwich online so you can avoid the line up of all the other smart people getting one of those delicious sandwiches for lunch. They have so many options for meats, cheeses, veggies, breads and sauces that will allow you to unleash your inner creativity and construct the ultimate sub.

16. A Milkshake at Mel’s

You can’t leave milkshakes out of the list of things that you need to eat in Waterloo. Remember that scene in Grease where everyone is sitting at the diner drinking milkshakes? At Mel’s Diner you could literally recreate that scene with your friends. Their impressive decor makes it feel like you are being transported back to the 50s. The milkshakes are the best part, creamy and made to perfection, you can get a classic chocolate, vanilla or strawberry or get something different like banana, raspberry, Oreo, coffee or mint.


17. Wings at Morty’s Pub

Any big game calls for a big plate of wings at Morty’s. When your favourite team is playing this is the ultimate spot to bro out, grab a beer and prepare to get saucy. The wings here are gigantic and the sauces are epic! Morty will become your new best friend after a night with your friends and a pound, or five of wings.


18. All Day Breakfast at The Bomber

If you are a true Waterloo Warrior then you have spent at least a few pre-class meals at the Bomber. The Bomber truly knows how to treat the students of The University of Waterloo with breakfast ALL DAY for $5.99, and if you are unlucky enough to have early classes then you can grab the early bird special for $3.99… like what?! This has got to be the best deal in all of Waterloo and it tastes damn delicious.



19. Fresh Spring Rolls at Seven Shores Cafe

If you need a light, fresh pick-me-up snack or lunch, the spring rolls are the perfect meal. These vegetarian rolls are packed with a combination of fruit and veg dipped in a spicy Thai dipping sauce. The community cafe focuses on wholesome, local ingredients that will satisfy your inner locavore.

20. Ribs at the Lancaster Smokehouse

I dare you to try a full slab of ribs from Lancaster Smokehouse. The full slab is the largest order of ribs you can get and it legitimately looks like a full side of a pig. These pork ribs are rubbed, smoked, grilled and sauced, the only thing they could do to make these ribs even more delicious would be to take the pig for a spa day. All jokes aside, the Lancaster Smokehouse is an amazing place to get hearty, meaty food and they were also featured on the show “You Gotta Eat Here,” so you know they are good.



Now it’s time for you to go and get started on this list, all you need is an open mind, an empty stomach and a willingness to be stuffed!

What are some other things that you need to eat in Waterloo? Comment down below!
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