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10 Most Affordable Travel Destinations To Visit In 2017

10 Most Affordable Travel Destinations To Visit In 2017


If you’re looking for the most affordable travel destinations to visit this year, then we have the ultimate guide for you! From sandy beaches, to historic sites, these destinations will not disappoint, and won’t break the bank.

1. Mozambique

If you are looking for a unique adventure why not try Mozambique. It is Africa’s most budget friendly destination. Filled with beautiful white sandy beaches this designation is surprisingly affordable. Hotels run from $100 per night and there is no shortage of activities in this country.


2. Bulgaria

Eastern Europe and the Balkans region is a great destination in general for budget travel. Bulgaria offers a mix of wineries and snowy mountains to the coast of the Black Sea. It’s a great starting point for traveling the Balkans. You can find hotels for as cheap as $30 a night including breakfast.



3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers so many options, from beaches to national parks to rainforests and everything in between. Most national parks only cost a few dollars for entrance and once you’re in you are free to roam around. Public transit in Costa Rica is quite cheap as well, buses generally run for less than $10, even for rides up to eight hours. Hotels will cost you anywhere between $90-115 per a night. If you are looking for a cheaper option you can try your luck with an Airbnb and HomeAway rentals.

4. Puerto Rico

You can get a great deal for a Caribbean vacation in San Juan. The cheapest time is generally the end of April to mid-December. If you stay in the city you will be able to walk most places and explore the charm of San Juan. Another plus is US citizen don’t need a passport or currency exchange to travel to Puerto Rico. This makes it one of the most competitive affordable travel destinations. You can find hotels for about $100 per night as well.


5. Bali

If you are looking for an adventure somewhere a little further from home Bali is a great option that won’t break your wallet.  Bali offers tons of experiences for a low price. You can easily find a villa for $50 a night and there are lots of great option on Airbnb as well. As well costs for transportation, spas, and other localities are relatively low!


6. Morocco

If you are looking for an exotic getaway then Morocco is your destination.  Getting to Morocco certainly isn’t the easiest but once you’re there the low-cost of the country will allow you to have a budget friendly and relatively cheap vacation. Marrakesh is filled with amazing choices in hotels and is definitely not short in exotic food and culture.



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7. Belize

A country of modern amenities filled with heritage, Belize is the perfect beachy getaway to cure your winter blues. Belize is perfect for a budget vacation. You can book a room at the Royal Caribbean Resort for $100 a night and 2 can dine for less than $30.

8. Greece

The dollar is relatively strong against the euro and Greece’s economic crisis makes Greece a perfect budget  European destination. A country filled with culture, history and delicious food is a dream for any traveler. You can get hotel rooms for as cheap as $90 a night in the center of Athens.



9. South Africa

South Africa is still a developing tourist destination but that’s in our favor along with the exchange rate. A room in Cape Town will likely average you $260 a night and transportation daily will fall under $20 a day. Consider going during the low season, which would be summer here and winter in South Africa.


10. Chile

South America is usually not at the top of everyone’s travel list, but is full of affordable travel destinations. What travelers seem to forget is that South America can provide for cheap and wholesome travel. Chile is filled with a vibrant food scene and lots of culture. Renting cars and hotel or vacation rentals are also very well priced.

What are your favorite affordable travel destinations? Comment below!
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