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10 Montreal Restaurants Open Late

10 Montreal Restaurants Open Late

10 Montreal Restaurants Open Late

Whether you’re on your way home from a late night shift, feeling like a midnight adventure, or at the end of your night out, here are 10 of the best Montreal restaurants open late!

1. L’Express

Classic french fare in a classic french setting AND it’s open late? Score. While this place is a bit more expensive than your average restaurant, boy is it ever worth it. They’ll bring you out a jar of cornichons, mustard and bread after you order – the best snack you could ask for. Enjoy what this romantic, black and white checkered spot has to offer; duck confit and beef tartare are just a few of the favourites.

2. La Banquise

You want Montreal poutine? You got it. La Banquise, located in the eastern plateau, has all the poutine varieties you could want – including the classic (of course!). All the poutines are served with a mushroom gravy, so its easy to make any dish vegetarian or vegan. For fuss free late night food, come here! But just be careful, as you might need to wait in line, this spot always pops off!

3. Nouveau Palais

Ah yes. A real late night Montreal dive. Only open late on the weekends, this diner serves up a perfect late night menu – delicious burgers and fries. Not able to make it out late? no worries. Nouveau Palais also has a tasty breakfast, brunch and lunch menu. It’s the spot for both your late night drunk eats AND your hungover mornings!

10 Montreal Restaurants Open Late

4. Larry’s

This Mile End spot has a cool late night ambiance, with low lighting, little candles, and delectable smells wafting out of the kitchen. Serving up small plates, Larry’s has some unique dishes with a comfort food feel. With an always changing menu, Larry’s is there if you need a romantic late night date spot, or a place to chit chat all night long!

10 Montreal Restaurants Open Late

5. Majestique

A superb bar with a selection of beer, wine and cocktails, Majestique also has a late night menu that will make your mouth water. If you’re looking for an all night oyster bar, this place has got you covered, but, alternatively, if you’re looking for a late night foot-long hot dog, this place has got you too! A warm setting with tasty little plates, Majestique is perfect for a cozy night out.

6. Foiegwa

Want a fancy schmancy place to go out late? Foiegwa is the place for you! A delicious fine dining menu that extends into the later hours, this is where to go when you need a nice place to impress anyone, whether that’s a good friend or a cute date!

10 Montreal Restaurants Open Late

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7. Brasserie Harricana

This brasserie in the Mile Ex neighbourhood is where you wanna be for a late night drink, and late night finer bar food. It’s the best place to enjoy something at the end of your night, with French and American comfort food such as a burgers, as well as some bigger, meatier dishes, this is where you need to enjoy your late night dins!

8. Patati Patata

A tiny little dive located on St. Laurent, Patati Patata is some of the best poutine in town. While you can get burgers and even a late night breakfast, the thing to get here is the Patatine – poutine (fries, gravy and cheese curds) with peppers, mushrooms, onions and topped with an olive!

10 Montreal Restaurants Open Late

9. Bar Ganadara

Bang on Korean food with an exceptional bar. Open late for some of the best bar food you can get in downtown Montreal.

10. The Main

Y’all want a Montreal smoked meat shop? You got it. Open late, and right across from the famous Schwartz’s deli, in a much more laid back atmosphere, the Main has got you covered. Steaks, smoked meat, matzoh ball soup all night!

Where else do you go for late night eats in Montreal? Leave us a message in the comments!

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