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10 Moments Of Women Empowering Women All Girls Need To See

10 Moments Of Women Empowering Women All Girls Need To See

10 Moments Of Women Empowering Women All Girls Need To See

Women empowering women is a phenomenon that we would like to keep going! Girl power is in the air and let’s hope it stays there. Here are moments of girls just kicking ass and empowering us to all be badasses.

1. Women’s March

The 2018 women’s march was the leading event of 2018. It was more widely talked about then the Superbowl. There was an array of women giving speeches as over 5000000 people marched on the capital demanding their rights.

Speakers included powerful and influential women like Gloria Steinem and Ashler Judd. This is the most iconic women empowering women event of the year.


2. Pinks Speech

Pinks simply iconic speech at the  2017 VMAS to her daughter was everything and left you in tears. She used her speech to teach her daughter about self-acceptance and she used her speech to reach a larger audience and say something meaningful. Pink is a woman empowering women! The movement of femenist icons in the music industry really does progress the social change.

3.  Mary Leakey

Mary Leakey is a well know paleontologist t and discovered one of the first skeletons that show apes as ancestors to humans. Leakey made waves in her research as well as being a presence in a heavily male-dominated field.

4. Til it Happens To you

Lady Gaga released song “til it happens to you’ discussing sexual assault. Gaga first sang this powerful ballad at the 2016 Grammys. She is an icon in the music industry and just in general. Gaga has always been a strong believer of women empowering women but this song was a great step forward.


5. Female PM in England

Theresa May was elected as PM and is the first female PM since Margaret Thatcher. We have seen this countless times before where we feel as though we are making strides and then it falls but this has been proof that it is possible.

6.  Iran Marathon

In 2016 Iran lead its first marathon and as per tradition women were not allowed to participate. Two women identified as Mahsa and Elham were ready at the starting line. Although they could not legally run they took a stand and are a prime example of women empowering women.

7.  Karlie Kloss Coding

Karlie Kloss is a beloved supermodel but she is more (obviously!) She developed a summer scholarship program for girls aged 13 to 18 in 2016. It is for women to take a stand over male-dominated fields and to show that we can have brains and beauty.

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8.  Pregnant Spider Women

Dennis Hopeless the creator of this superhero said that after he saw his wife give birth he saw her as superhuman.  Instead of portraying a pregnant female character as needing a hero they made her the heroine.  Pregnant or not we are definietly exsited to see another female superheroe grace the screen.

9. The Handmaids Tale

The Handmaids Tale is an HBO show that tells the story of Ofred, a handmaid in a dystopian society. It is a revival of Margaret Atwoods 1985 novel. What makes it popular and relevant are its themes centered around misogyny and patriarchy.


10. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was an extreme success and showed just how female superheroes are just as popular.  It was a great image to show how we are always growing and what is needed right now. Right now that just happens to be girl power and Wonder Woman is the perfect emblem.

Women empowering women is a moment that we would like to see progress. What are your favorite women empowering women moments?

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