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20 Mistakes Every Coventry University Freshman Makes

20 Mistakes Every Coventry University Freshman Makes

Coventry Freshers. All the things you shouldn't do and should defiantly avoid. A helpful guide to freshmen to make sure they don't mess things up too badly!

As we all know, University is kind of a big deal. Even more importantly, you’re meeting new people that first impressions are all you’re going to be thinking about. Other than that, you will probably make terrible mistakes, bad decisions and most definitely spending money you didn’t think you had on the most random fresher’s things! These are all the elements which make up the expected week for freshmen at Coventry University.

1. Spending all your student loan on fresher’s tickets & wristbands.

Whilst you will regret this almost instantly, you will begin to realise that you will be knackered and exhausted from going out once (maybe twice) straight away. Buying a £15 ‘all-rounder’ ticket to allow you into all the best clubs will be wasted and you will feel you have to go to the fourth night out in a row because you spent that much on the ticket in the first place. When fresher’s week is over, it may put you off going out clubbing for the rest of the year; and you will regret that when all your flatmates are still buzzing to hit up JJ’s for the 28th time.

2. Seeing all Coventry’s attractions within the first week.

Once you have done this, you will not want to go to Fargo Village, Cathedral Ruins, Coventry Market or any other place ever again. You will notice this when your older relatives come to visit and they’re dying to see the cathedral when you just can’t stand to walk around it one more time. I suppose a good old handy trip to Ikea never upsets anyone!


 3. When on a night out; don’t forget/lose your student ID card.

This little card will help you out more than you think! Nor will it only get you into most clubs/bars in Coventry, it will get you more discounts than you probably expected. Café Nero gives 10% off to Coventry Students when you present your student ID card. Do not forget this little card, there have been many occasions where logging into Moodle to prove you’re a student to the doorman outside Quids Inn has been too much the fuss. Also, if you lose this card, it will cost you £10 to buy a new one; and you need this card to prove you are actually turning up to these lectures.

 4. When picking your Advantage module, don’t leave it to the last minute.

This little extra module on the side of your degree will gain you extra credit through your time at Coventry University. Leaving it to the last minute can stitch you up as you may be left with learning intermediate Latin or website coding. You will regret it massively as you will have to spend an entire semester completing some sort of coursework towards something you don’t even care about. Be ready when the site opens and you can pick because the choice of modules to take will be easier to pick from. Be the best student you can be!


5.  Don’t try and get on with your flatmates if no one likes each other.

During the first year, university can get quite stressful and ultimately different from what you imagined. However, falling out with flatmates can be hard but you shouldn’t force a friendship if you don’t actually want to be friend with them. I spent way too long making silly Christmas decorations for the kitchen to try and bond with them only to realise that we were all bored of each other and preferred our course mates. As a student, you will naturally mingle with literally everyone!

6. Going to Benny’s after a night out and eating whatever looks good.

Once done with a night out going to Benny’s seems like a good idea at the surface. You’re a hungry, tired and extremely drunk student; anything with fries looks worth your while. Before you know it, you are back in your flat eating a chicken strip burger and cheesy chips following a weird sensation of sick. Later on, from doing this you will be sick in the flat mop bucket.

7. Going out way too much and by the end of it, you are the sickest you have ever felt.

Fresher’s flu is a real thing. For the entire 18 years you have been alive, you will feel the illest at this moment in time. Everything hurts, you have no money and to top it all off, everyone else feels like this. Don’t go too crazy as first impressions count and your lecturers will remember the sad ill face of first-year students from the first day.



8. Reveal everything about yourself or lie to your flatmates.

You may get a little too drunk and decide to tell your flatmates everything about your life is a good idea. Or if you don’t do this, you may feel lying to make yourself sound more interesting a good idea; trust me it’s not.

9. Don’t make dinner for your flatmates 24/7.

Trust me you will regret this. Making the odd meal for your flatmate down the hall may seem like a friendly good idea, but 3 weeks in, they may be expecting a private chef (you), or even worse stealing your food. They may do this as they think you’re on best friend levels when you are really not. Even if the cheap student meal doesn’t seem the hassle, your flatmates will take anything for free.


10. Joining too many student societies.

It will seem like a good idea to join as many as you can but it will spam your emails like crazy. You won’t end up going to every single one and you will have endless emails asking you if you’re going to turn up to the meetings.

Did we miss any freshmen mistakes? Let us know in the comments!

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