15 Pictures Of McGill University You’ll Be Obsessed With

There are always so many events happening around McGill University that it’s near impossible for students to claim they’re bored out of their minds. I’m pretty sure most (if not all) students in Montreal, along with other sources such as the BBC News, would agree with the fact that it’s the best student city in the world. So, without further adieu, here are 15 pictures of McGill University you’ll definitely be obsessed with!

1. Entering McGill’s campus alongside this view

Hurrying to class is a pain, but when you get to enjoy this view, it makes it all the more worth it.

2. Walking through a winter wonderland

Walking to class on the slippery snow and wiping out can be painful. But you forget about all your physical and mental pain when you look up and realize the beauty of winter.

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3. Easy access to McGill’s Redpath Museum

The Redpath Museum displays natural historical exhibits and hosts a number of events throughout the year. Even if you’re not a natural history fanatic, it’s still worth it to go and visit!

4. Becoming involved in McGill’s various clubs and teams

The perfect way to meet people is definitely by joining clubs and sports teams that interest you. There is never a shortage of opportunities at McGill!

5. Meeting life-long friends during Frosh

One of McGill’s most appealing events is Frosh. During the week before classes begin, students are given the option to join a bunch of social activities that occur over a few days. One of my favourite events during Frosh was boat day!

frosh day2 ⛴ #mcgillfrosh

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Beach day is yet another one of the many events during Frosh AND another one of my favourite events.

Beach day EVERYday #mcgilloweek #27family

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7. McGill’s very own open air pub (OAP)

OAP is located on campus and provides entertainment to all those who enter. It’s the perfect way to pass time in between classes or to just meet up with friends after a long and tiring day of studying. However, keep in mind that it only opens for the first and last few weeks of the academic year!

Open Air Pub, lite. #mcgilluniversity #montréaljetaime

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8. ‘Gerts ‘Til It Hurts’!

Not only does McGill have an open air pub, but another bar as well. If you’re planning on attending McGill, definitely hit this place up and order a pitcher of sangria for you and your friends. And no need to worry, Gerts IS open during the whole academic year.

9. Playing with therapy dogs

Many students overwhelm themselves with work and tests, so it’s such a breather to have the option to play with therapy dogs on campus. The Peer Support Centre also offers many other methods of dealing with stress!

10. Live in the McGill Ghetto

After living in one of the many McGill residences during your freshman year, it’s exciting to search for apartments with your friends or by yourself. One surefire way to surround yourself with fellow McGill students is to live in the McGill Ghetto. It may not be the most convenient of places due to the rowdiness of the area, but it’ll definitely complete your university experience!

Montreal houses 🏡 #colorsofwinter #mcgillghetto #montreal #mtl

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11. Enjoy Montreal’s infamous murals

There are so many talented artists in Montreal that share their art in the form of murals all around the city. So if you’re planning on attending McGill, then it is an absolute MUST that you include hunting for murals on your to-do list.

12. Fill up your stomach with McGill’s well-known samosa sales

Not a day has gone by where I haven’t seen a Facebook post about a samosa sale happening somewhere around McGill. If you haven’t tasted a McGill samosa then you have not lived.

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13. Take aesthetic photos instead of studying

If you’re tired of studying in your room, then just head to one of McGill’s many libraries and surround yourself with other people tired from studying rather than doing it alone. Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the aesthetic features of the various libraries!

14. Joining a sorority or fraternity!

Being part of a sorority/fraternity is the perfect chance to create meaningful friendships and becoming involved in McGill’s community!

15. Montreal’s lively night-scene

There’s no doubt that McGill is considered one of Canada’s top party universities. Just hearing about the many clubs and bars that surround the campus is already enough to gain some insight as to how vibrant the party life is.

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Do you have any other awesome Instagram photos of McGill University!? Share in the comments below!

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