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15 Makeup Artists From Toronto You Need To Follow

15 Makeup Artists From Toronto You Need To Follow

Makeup is more than a hobby for most; it has been able to inspire and address important issues in society.  Makeup has helped people connect and spread their own message to the world through creative expression! Read on for 15 makeup artists from Toronto you have to follow! Makeup Artists From Toronto

1. @doseofsamira

This Instagram beauty uses her unique yet wearable makeup to inspire her followers to recreate her looks!



2. @mua.agata

If you consider makeup to be an art, then this Instagram is definitely worth the follow. Agata creates astonishing eye looks that serve as great inspiration for you to try your own bold looks!



3. @nicoleprager

Nicole is not only a talented makeup artist but she also specializes in special effects makeup. Her Instagram is filled with tons of looks that range from daily wear to more daring looks.




4. @makeuplicious_by_mika

This Toronto based makeup artist creates unique eye looks that inspire her followers not to stray away from bold colours!



5. @canvas_muah

Canvas makeup and hair is run by 3 talented sisters that specialize in makeup for special events, from prom to wedding makeup, regardless the results are amazing every time!



6. @fancymebeauty

Luisa Cristina, owner of fancymebeauty creates soft glam looks for her clients but doesnt stray away from playing with makeup and trying new looks, like her female take on the joker.


7. @misslivmakeup

Like many other artists, missliv makeup creates beautiful looks for her clients, but what sets her apart from others is her striking eye looks! her Instagram definitely spreads a message about not being afraid to experiment with makeup





8. @tropbelle_makeup

Trop belle makeup is all about a versatility of looks and experimentation! Its okay to change up your look and explore different styles!



9. @siyasabeauty

Siyas beauty specializes in ethnic beauty services including henna! Beyond just makeup, their message focuses around inclusivity and appreciating women and diversity.


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10. @mariadivabeauty

This self taught makeup artist posts clients makeup and editorials which combines both her passion for makeup and beauty related photography!


11. @makeupbyjenevoy

Jen Evoy, owner of makeup by jenevoy specializes in bridal makeup and her instagram spreads the message that natural beauty is just as important as feeling beautiful with makeup on !



12. @kylemakeupmckellar

Kyle machellar is an amazing artist in the community that uses makeup to spread an inspiring message of being expressive and loving yourself.



13. @colourationsmakeup

Colourations makeup is a brand that focuses on special event makeup for clients but also features editorials that have been published in popular magazines!


14. @farahdhukai

Her DIY skin care and beauty hack videos (that actually work!) make her a  very well known artist in the beauty community!



15. @graceleebeauty

Grace lee is an inspiring makeup artist that is head of Maybelline but also focuses her creativity on creating looks for models on cover shoots!


Do you know any other makeup artists from Toronto we need to follow? Let us know in the comments below!
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