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50 Life Saving Tips For Freshman At University of Guelph

50 Life Saving Tips For Freshman At University of Guelph

Starting at a university can be intimidating, but not as much when you know what to expect. Here are life saving tips for freshman at University of Guelph.

1. Walk around campus

It is important to know where things are around your campus. Walk around a get a feel of the beauty you got to withstand for 4 years.


2. Talk to prof

It is wise to go interact with your professor during their office hours, before or after lectures. You may get a feeling of what the professor is expecting from his students during evaluations and tests.


3. Always walk around with your ID


4. Get involved

You know the drill. Study isn’t everything. Get yourself involved in clubs, organizations and activities that interests you.

5. Visit the UC regularly

There are very interesting poster, clothes sale and club sign ups in the UC.


6. Use the gym membership

Guelph offers a 45 dollar/semester membership to use their facilities and their lessons. It is TOTALLY WORTH IT. It’s a good way to relax and stay fit during your freshman year. And of course, it is important to avoid the freshman 15

7. Don’t sleep in class

You may miss an important hint the professor give regarding what will be questioned on the exam. And you don’t want to miss it.

8. Talk to your councillor

It would be a good idea to consult an experienced individual regarding the courses you take in the first year and how you can manage your time.


9. Go to Creelmans

Go have some good food!!

10. Go to SLG

Get some academic help from upper year students by joining their SLG classes. It is smaller and helps a lot.

11. Visit the Learning and Science Commons

Need more academic help from professionals, use the library’s resources such as the Learning and Science Centre.


12. Go to the ADC

It’s a good way to make friends and for a study group to get more academic help before any evaluation

13. Ratemyprof

It’s better to know your professors before signing up for their lectures during course selection time.

14. Don’t hurry when it comes to buying books

Some professors prefer teaching with the help of books while some don’t, Try finding out what your professor prefers before spending 1K on textbooks.



15. Book an appointment for Learning Commons before hand

The learning commons is especially busy when assignments are due. I would recommend that you book your appointment beforehand.



16. Collect the stamp cards

Are you a coffee holic? Collect the stand cards which will allow you to get the 11th coffee free. It’s a good way to save some bucks.

17. Online classes

Don’t be afraid of online classes. It may not be the traditional style of learning but it’s worth a shot.

18. Don’t study in bed

If you want to fall asleep and wake up regretting it, DO NOT STUDY ON YOUR BED.


19. Use a calendar

Make a list of items you need to complete for the week. Keeping a calendar avoid you from forgetting things.


20. Use a master plan

Make a strategic timetable as to what you want to tackle during the hour.



21. Relax and rejuvenate

Have some alone time, do yoga or meditate. Keeps you from stressing out especially during midterm and final season.



22. Don’t sit at the back

Sitting ahead of class has always been beneficial especially in terms of attentiveness and gaining more knowledge.

23. Make study groups

Some things are better learned in study groups.



24. Know someone really closely in each class

I know, there may be days you just don’t feel like going to classes. Keep in contact with someone in the class to catch up on material and notes.

25. Don’t be a phone addict

Pay attention in class and avoid using your phone.

26. Attend an Open Mic Night

It is a good way to meet new people and are exposed to a new environment.


27. Make use of the many silent spots on campus

Is important to find one before midterm and final season in order to get there before it is occupied.

28. Don’t slip

Winter is coming soon. Be well prepared with appropriate boots and winter clothing to avoid any accidents. Especially the walk from War MEM to Johnston.

29. Find short cuts

When you have 5 mins transition time between classes, or you are running late for class, find a shortcut to avoid being late.


30. Download the Gryph Safe App

Even though Guelph is a safe community, it is always good to have the app.

31. Join an intramural

It’s a good way to be introduced to a new sport, and meet new people.

32. Use the Campus Medical and Dental Facilities

Once you are enrolled as a University of Guelph student, you could use their Health and Dental facilities. So if you are living on campus and get sick or come down with a fever; fear not! We got you covered.


33. Learn to properly use Courselink

Courselink a very important online platform where professors connect with you outside of class. It is important to understand how it works so you have all the information required for the designated course.

34. Keep yourself updated via gryphlife

This is a very useful website to inform you on the opportunities of joining clubs and organization. They notify you on the days and time the meeting are held.

35. Enjoy food at Prairies

Prairie offers different types of food every day. Once you can find Chinese food, Mexican, Italian, continental etc.



36. Start looking at possibilities for living for next year

Before you know it, first year will be over. It is important to start thiking of what your plans are going to be for next year. Will you be living on campus, of campus, with your parents, get an apartment and so on.



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37. Get a part time job

It always looks good on your resume.



38. Have a resume and cover letter in hand

You never know when you will have an amazing opportunity knocking on your door, so be prepared.



39. Keep updated on the financial aid provided

We all know how expensive universities can get. Work hard and maintain a certain average in order to gain scholarships and bursaries throughout your academic years at Guelph.

40. Get an internship

AGAIN!! Looks good on your resume

41. Keep a journal

These are the years you never want to forget. Whether it may be a bad day or a god one, write everything down. One day you will look upon the book and reflect on the ups and downs you went through in university.



42. Visit the different fairs and programs the school has to offer

Recently University of Guelph hosted a Work fair Program. It was a great opportunity to go and introduce yourself and make connections.


43. Learn your effective study technique

This is an important worth ethic which will develop throughout university and later help in further studies.



44. Don’t procrastinate

You already know this one!!! LOL

45. Take pictures

Make some memories.



46. Call your parents

They miss you too and I know you miss them too.

47. Go home

Who doesn’t want to have mom’s homemade food and sleep on your heaven like bed?



48. Reflect on your mistakes

Progression is made when mistakes are avoided. Try to work in such a manner that you avoid making the same mistakes again and again. Learn from them and don’t repeat it.

49. Make a few upper year friends

It is always good to know someone who has been through the same situation as you have. They could potentially be your helping hand and guide you through this important and crucial stage.


50. Have fun

Remember, University can be stressful but always have fun!

What are some other tips for freshman at University of Guelph? Comment below!
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