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Kiss Me I’m Irish: Montreal’s Best Pubs

Kiss Me I’m Irish: Montreal’s Best Pubs

Kiss Me I'm Irish: Montreal's Best Pubs

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again; when it comes to Montreal, there is never a shortage of restaurants and bars to discover. And, luckily for many of us, that also includes a wonderful list of the best Montreal pubs as well. As we are nearing the month of March, more and more people are getting into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day. So, with that in mind, what better way to celebrate the day than to visit one of the greatest Montreal pubs that the city has to offer? (I’d recommend ordering more than just the Guinness.)

1. Hurley’s Irish Pub

1225 Crescent Street

Despite Crescent Street being home to numerous Irish pubs, I can guarantee that this is one of the better, if not best, options. This happens to be one of those Montreal pubs with a cozy brick-wall and carved-wood setting with beer on tap, obviously, single malts, delicious pub grub, as well as live music.


2. Le Vieux Dublin Pub & Restaurant

636 Rue Cathcart

Believe it or not, this Irish Pub is actually the city’s oldest. As is the usual tradition, they offer beer on tap, an extensive scotch list, scrumptious burgers, and live music. (Seems like there will be a pattern.)

3. McLean’s Pub

1210 Peel Street


Another one of the storied fantastic Montreal pubs, McLean’s offers up a cozy spot to watch sports while enjoying draft beer, palatable grub, billiards (pool), and even a patio on historic square itself!

4. Irish Embassy

1234 Rue Bishop

If you thought this pub was anything but Irish, you’d be wrong. (Moreover, the address is easy enough to remember, I’d hope.) Again, this Irish-themed pub serves up draft beer, comfort food, and a garden terrace.


5. McKibbin’s

3515 St-Laurent / 1426 Rue Bishop

As you can (probably) tell, this is one of few Montreal pubs that is actually part of a chain. That said, the trend surely continues with a cozy, woodsy pub atmosphere serving Celtic comfort food, good ol’ live music, pitchers (everyone loves pitchers) and several televisions to lay back and watch the game.

6. Ye Olde Orchard

20 Prince Arthur / 5563 Monkland / 1189 de la Montagne


Another one of the Montreal pubs with more than one location (3), Ye Olde Orchard is your classic Celtic watering hole renowned for its live music, ice-cold beer, and delectable pub fare.

7. Honey Martin

5916 Sherbrooke West

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When in NDG, this is pretty much the place you want to be. Despite the rather small size, Honey Martin always manages to pack a full house. And, you’ve guessed it, they supply you with memorable live music, a splendid selection of scotch and whiskeys, as well as great memories.

8. Fiddler’s Green

1224 Rue Bishop

One of the only Montreal pubs/bars that actually offer Happy Hour specials for the entire day and night (on Sundays), you will definitely want to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity come St. Patrick’s Day. (And, thankfully if you are already the complete opposite of sober, you’ll have a somewhat easy time recalling the address!)


9. The NextDoor Pub

5175 Sherbrooke West

Unoriginal name aside, this is another one of the few Montreal pubs, when in NDG, you will definitely want to visit. The reason being, they provide you with a cozy brick-walled space while serving grilled burgers and other typical pub grub. (And beer, of course, can’t forget the beer.)

10. Pub Bishop & Bagg

52 Saint Viateur West


With all the Montreal pubs and bars located on Bishop Street, it’s a shame that this one isn’t as well. Irony aside, this pub bestows wonderful draft brews, cocktails, and elevated fare all while relaxing in a comfortable old-fashioned interior.

Now that you know some of my favorite Montreal pubs, let me know a few of yours!

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