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10 Items You Need In Your Gym Bag

10 Items You Need In Your Gym Bag

There are some things that we all need in order to have a good workout and to feel great post-workout. And there are definitely some necessary items you need in your gym bag to get through those couple of hours! Going to the gym can be daunting, and without the right post-workout essentials, it can end up leaving you feeling, well, a little gross, rather than accomplished. Everyone is going to have their own gym bag essentials depending on their workout routines, and personal preferences, but below are 10 must-have items you need in your gym bag to leave feeling clean, fresh and energized!

1. Music And Headphones

This is almost as obvious as bringing workout clothes, but it’s included in this list because it’s one of those things that I seem to have on me all the time until I need it, and then it’s sitting at home on the kitchen counter. To avoid this, I keep another pair of ear buds in my gym bag to make sure I always have the musical motivation I need.

2. Dry Shampoo For Greasy Strands

Dry Shampoo is something that has saved me many times, and not just after a workout. In the morning, if I’m cramped on time and I need to get to work but my hair looks like it’s never seen water before, dry shampoo rescues me from the awkward “she’s obviously wearing that hat because her hair looks terrible” situation. Keeping this in your gym bag is a must because it’s just brilliant.

3. A Gym Towel To Wipe Away That Sweat

Fact: You don’t look good wiping your sweat with paper towel from the washroom. Make sure you pack a cloth small towel to dry up your workout tears. But please, remember to wash it when you get home.

4. Multiple Hair Ties

Apparently hair ties, of all sizes and colors, have a life of their own and grow legs when we’re not looking. Have multiples hair ties tucked away in your bag. In fact, it’s a good rule of thumb to just always have lots of hair ties stored away somewhere, because you’re going to lose the ones you’re using now. Is it in your hair? In an hour, it’ll disintegrate.

5. A Hair Brush

Speaking of hair ties, make sure you don’t get stuck without a brush to tame that mane after your intense workout.

6. A Reusable Water Bottle

Yeah, I know, another ‘duh’ moment. However, sometimes we forget! Keep another bottle in your bag at all times even if you bring one everyday. This way if you forget, you can just fill the one up that’s in your bag!

7. Always Have Deodorant On Hand

Because you stink. I stink. We all stink.

8. Refreshing Face Spray

After a workout, my face gets HOT. It feels like the only part of me that is burning up. Ease that heat and redness with a refreshing face spray. Still not sold on this one? I wasn’t either, until I borrowed a friend’s spray after a workout one day and it felt like heaven.

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9. Cleansing Facial Wipes

If you don’t clean your skin properly after a sweat session, you’ll be prone to break outs. Simply using one of these facial wipes ensures that my face is nice and clean, and I won’t be seeing any pesky pimples anytime soon due to my sweat. I personally love cleansing wipes, but I only use them after a workout at the gym. If you do a home workout, shower and cleanse your skin as you normally would.

10. Extra Panties and Socks

And finally…don’t get caught smelling stinky. Having an extra pair of underwear and socks is always a nice thing, especially if your workout was a bit more intense than you had planned. Shall I just leave it at that? I think we all understand.

Do you know of any other items you need in your gym bag? Share in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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