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5 Ideas To Incorporate Spring Flowers Into Your Daily Life

5 Ideas To Incorporate Spring Flowers Into Your Daily Life

Spring time means spring flowers, and why wouldn’t you want to incorporate them into your daily life? Spring flowers can seriously brighten up your day, no matter how you keep them around. Not only are they beautiful, but spring flowers can cheer you up when springtime is rainy and grey! Here are some simple ways to incorporate spring flowers into your daily life, so that you can make the most of  spring flowers this season. I promise, flowers are something you will want to keep around!

1. Press Flowers!

Pressing spring flowers may seem a little childish, but really, it’s a calming and easy activity that will help you remember this spring for many springtimes to come! After picking your flowers for pressing, you’ll want to remove their stems, and then let them dry, so there is no moisture remaining. Place your spring flowers between two pieces of of wax paper, inside of a large and heavy book. Wait a few days, and voila! Spring flowers that are perfect for any sort of art project! Glue and modge podge them onto cards, bookmarks, or make designs with them on paper, and frame them!


2.  Add Edible Flowers To Your Cooking

Growing spring flowers in your garden is not only for beauty outside, but inside as well! There are a number of edible spring flowers that you can incorporate into your cooking, so you can really enjoy your spring flowers at any time of the day. Add spring flowers into your salads, or you could even go all out and use them as decorating for baking! If you want to impress some guests, bringing out a flower covered springtime cake is sure to do the trick!

3. Floral Prints And Fresh Flower Accessories

I know, I know – florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Although Miranda Priestly may not approve of this idea, there is nothing sweeter than wearing some spring flowers, or even just spring prints. If you are a little more daring, try wearing spring flowers in your hair, or on your lapel. If not, simply buying a cute floral print handkerchief can add a touch of spring flowers to most outfits – tie it around your neck or your purse for day to day spring! Lastly, if you really want to be fresh as a daisy all the time, consider buying a floral perfume. If perfume is not up your alley, maybe try a floral essential oil!

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4. Dried Flower Decorations

Dried spring flowers are perfect for letting your favourite posies last all throughout the springtime season. Whether you get a bouquet, or pick some flowers from your garden, after they have begun to dry slightly, hang your flowers upside down  – this makes them dry better, and more shapely. Tie up these flowers in bunches, or hang them one by one by a piece of string for a beautiful spring flower garland.


5. Plant A Garden Or Just A Few Pots!

Spring flowers can be incorporated into your daily life for longer than just the the spring time! By planting a couple indoor flowers, you can have blooms year round. Place your flowers on your window sill, or in you kitchen, to bring life to any room. While you can also buy a lovely spring flower bouquet, if you can commit to taking care of a potted plant, this option will guarantee you a life full of spring flowers!

How will you incorporate flowers into your life this spring? Which of these ideas will you use? Let us know in the comments below!

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