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I Was Working When My Crazy Ex Came To Visit

I Was Working When My Crazy Ex Came To Visit

I Was Working When My Crazy Ex Came To Visit

We all know these stories about a “my ex gona crazy” – on the internet, people make jokes and legends about them, we joke about them with our friends, and sometimes we even become friends with them. But what if everything is not so funny? What if after breaking up, they don’t want to move on and follow the words “let it go”? A lot of people have this some kind of ex, and I am here to share a story of my friend who has had such an experience with a crazy ex who came to visit her when she was at work.

The Backstory Told By My Friend

“My ex became my stalker. We met several years ago, and it was my first serious relationship ever. The separation was difficult – we broke up on my initiative, but he wanted to get back with me. It all started with countless messages on text and social media. My ex continued to insist that we should be together and breaking up was wrong, recalled the months when our relationship was nice and kept asking to meet me. I kept replying because I felt guilty for causing pain to him, and said that it would not work. But messages were still coming almost every day.”

Weird Episodes

“Then there were some weird episodes with him – he began to text me that he would stand in front of my house all night long if I will not agree to meet with him. One day he waylaid on the subway when I was returning home from work. Another day my ex got access into my email account and then wrote me a confession about it – as well as suggesting me to change my password because it was not that reliable.


He talked with a few of my friends (and he still talks with some of them even now), although I do not think this is linked to his stalking – after all, we communicated a lot in the same company of friends. I also knew that my ex came to visit my grandfather, and it made me terribly angry that he used my grandpa for this own purposes. I was very unpleasantly surprised as well by the reaction of some of my friends – among them there were even several people who told me that his actions are just showing “such a strong love”, and there is nothing bad about it, although I tried to explain to them that it’s not about love at all –¬† but control and manipulation from his side.”

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My Ex Made A Crazy Visit

“One day when I was working, my colleague came to me and told me that there is some random drunk guy in the hallway of our building who kept screaming my name. I came downstairs to see if it was my ex – and yes it was him. Once he saw me, he ran straight to me and started angrily shaking me and screaming why am I being so unkind. The security took him off of me while I was standing in shock.”


The End

“I remember when his stalking finally began to decrease and then stopped at all – perhaps after I warned him that I will involve the police if he continues to do so. Three years ago after our break up, my ex again got in touch with me and said that he still loves me. I asked him if he was sure because I was not the same person anymore after all those years. He admitted he didn’t understand what he was doing and asked me to block him on all social media and his phone number. Since then my ex has finally moved on and got some professional help – my friends told me that he got married, and I am just glad that everything worked out fine for both him and me.”

Do you have any “crazy ex” stories to talk about? Share them in the comments below.

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