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I Finally Bought A Nintendo Switch And This Is Why I Love It

I Finally Bought A Nintendo Switch And This Is Why I Love It

This is the story as to why you need a Nintendo Switch in and around your life. Don't be a fool, buy it now!

Let me make one thing very clear; I have always been a Nintendo fan. It’s just that, by the time the Nintendo Switch hit the market, I was yet to be convinced that I should cease everything I was doing and simply drop my money on one. Don’t get me wrong though, I have always loved the Zelda franchise and knew that I had to play Breath of the Wild (and that is the story as to how I ended up buying a used Wii U from a mother in a crowded parking lot).

Nevertheless, after an entire year of pondering, I finally realized that the only humane thing left to do was to purchase my very own Nintendo Switch. My only regret, not buying it sooner. Why is that, you’re (probably not) asking? Well, I will tell you why.

The Ultimate Portability

As is usually the case, Nintendo has once again altered the video game industry. That is, never has a very game console been this portable. Sure, you can play the Nintendo Switch on a television, much like your traditional gaming console, but this the future people! You can seriously take this little guy anywhere; to school, the gym, the E.R., anywhere! Good luck doing that with your PlayStation or Xbox unless, of course, you want people to stare.


In addition, you can play your Nintendo Switch in, at the very least, six different ways:

  • As mentioned, on your television with Joy-Con controllers attached to included Grip accessory
  • Holding both Joy-Con controllers, with the Switch held up by its kickstand (did I mention it has a kickstand?)
  • Holding one Joy-Con, sideways (while partner searches for missing Joy-Con)
  • Actually attaching the Joy-Con controllers to the console itself, playing as if it were a modern GameBoy (you may have been a tad too young)
  • With an actual Pro controller (not included, sadly)
  • While balanced on your cranium

Games Load Unbelievably Quick

Honestly, in this day and age, this is definitely a deciding factor as to where you dedicate your spare time. In fact, by the time my PS4 decides to start up and load whatever game is currently lodged in it, I’m no longer in the mood to play. My enthusiasm has, putting it lightly, died. (Time is money people!) My fabulous Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, quickly loads its vast library of games.

Immense And Unique Library of Games

Anyone who has previously owned a Nintendo console surely understands what I mean when I say that their library is full of unique games, both household and indie titles alike. Simply put, many of the games to be discovered on the Nintendo Switch can not (and will not) be found anywhere else. The reason being, Nintendo is quite efficient at keeping their utmost popular franchises hostage. Said franchises include, but are definitely not limited to, Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, as well as the newly released Super Smash Bros.

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Good luck playing any of these fantastic games on your Xbox, or any good games for that matter…(yes, I went there).

Seamless Storage Expansion

Despite the lackluster onboard storage (a mere 32 gigabytes), Nintendo gives gamers the practicality of upgrading the storage (by way of Micro SD card), if they choose to do so. Your fancy little PlayStation, on the other hand, would have to be ripped completely apart (screws and bolts flying everywhere) just so that you can get the newly implemented hard drive to (hopefully) work. So, who’s got a screwdriver?


Bonus points: a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller acquires about 20 hours of happyfuntime before the party is over.

Frankly, if these distinct benefits don’t have you convinced to jump out of your bedroom window and buy your very own Nintendo Switch, well then, you deserve to be bored. If you think otherwise, let me know in the comments below!

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