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I Bought Thinx Underwear And Here’s Why It’s Worth It

I Bought Thinx Underwear And Here’s Why It’s Worth It

I Bought Thinx Underwear And Here’s Why It's Worth It

From one fellow period-getter to another: Thinx underwear are seriously life-changing. Have you always wanted to try free-bleeding but didn’t want to deal with the mess? Yes?? This is the product for you. As someone who is incredibly lazy when it comes to period maintenance, here’s why I LOVE Thinx!

First Off: The Surprise

Ok so picture this: it’s the fall of 2017, almost Halloween, and lil ol’ me is unboxing one of the many parcels my mother and nonna have sent to my apartment in Montreal. My family lives in Vancouver, so it’s always heartwarming to receive a care package full of homey comforts. Little did I know that THIS package would contain the best kind of care – self care! Hidden between  number of black and orange halloween lanterns was something that looked like a CD; a grey paper square with some cool black doodles on it. I look more closely and read the cover: T-H-I-N-X. At first I was a bit confused, as I had only ever seen Thinx ads on Facebook. Was this really them? Period underpants? But it was. I cheered, called my mom and it was confirmed –  she was encouraging me to free-bleed. Why stress about tampons, pads and all that other junk if you don’t have to?


Now, I didn’t use my Thinx underpants right away. Sadly, my Montreal apartment got bed bugs shortly after and all my clothes were exiled into garbage bags. I thought I had set the Thinx aside, into my small pile of useable clothes, but in the frenzy of it all they were lost. It was a dark time. They weren’t re-discovered until February, when finally, my clothes were freed from their plastic prisons. However, for Christmas, I received a Diva Cup from my mom, and was fully enchanted, so the Thinx were left to live smothered by the rest of my ~delicates~, at the back of my underwear drawer.


Their Moment of Glory

Fast forward to October 2018, one year since the Thinx had waltzed their way into my life. It’s the morning of my IUD insertion, I’m on my period, and after the procedure my doctor tells me I can’t put any hygienic products up my vagina for 48 hours. As a new Diva Cup lover, I wondered, do I really have to go out and buy pads right now? But then, it dawned on me – THINX! At home, it was a joyous reunion between me, my Thinx and my va jay. I didn’t have to worry about a thing, I just slipped on the undies, and was good to go. In my moment of need, Thinx was there. No leakage onto my clothes or bed, just bliss.

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My Review

I only have experience with the Thinx classic, black, full bum panty design, as that’s the pair that I have, but here’s my review – easy, comfortable, revolutionary. Now, I will say that for some people, Thinx may take some getting used to. The underpants themselves, while elegantly designed, do feel a bit like a swimsuit. They are softer and thinner than your run-of-the-mill bather, but, they do pack a padding punch. However, the crotch area is similar to a thin pad, a much nicer  sensation than one of those huge nighttime monster diaper pads I often am forced to use, and boy, these underwear can take a helluva load. I was on my worst period days when I put them to use (and I mean like serial killer horror movie blood amounts were being discharged), and the Thinx did not bat an eye! They absorbed it all immediately! These undies cut down on your eco-footprint, as you no longer need disposable pads or tampons, and tackle leaks better than tampons and pads combined! You do need to wash them pretty frequently, and you can easily do that by hand, but they’re also machine washable! Score!


Go out and treat yourself to a product that will really treat you!

Would you ever buy Thinx? We want to hear from you!

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