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How To Style A College Sweater For Any Occasion

How To Style A College Sweater For Any Occasion


Every college student remembers their first school sweater. The one they wore with pride and wore way too often and on almost every occasion. A college sweater can be a rite of passage – one which can create an immediate sense of school pride and unity (and which can be an easy way to identify the super excited freshman decked out in every piece of school pride gear they can find). I remember how excited I was to put on my first piece of school pride wear, a college sweater from my father that I immediately shoved on as soon as I could get out of my high school uniform nearly every day. School spirit wear is comfortable, long lasting, and can make you finally feel like an adult with a serious academic career instead of a confused high-schooler. Keep reading for five creative ways of how to style a college sweater!

The College Sweater

While college sweaters seem super fashionable as a freshman, and most upper classmen wear them on chilly days and as a lazy day go-to, there are plenty of ways to style a campus sweater besides throwing on a pair of shorts – and I promise these styles are just as easy to grab and go.

1. Anything But Basic Style

This outfit is a simple one, and uses many basics that most students have in their closet. With comfortable shoes + expressive socks that are perfect for running around campus and a cute bag, this outfit looks every part the typical student, but is amped up with a cute bralette plus a not-so-typical leather bag as an update to a canvas backpack.


To give this outfit a preppy look, wear a collared shirt and roll the sleeves, paired with a statement necklace or a few rings and bracelets. In cold weather, a comfy pair of jeans with your own personal flair – rips, mixed fabrics, or even a hint of leather will all add personality to an otherwise plain ensemble – and keep you warm!

Products: sweater, bralette, jeans, socks, sneakers, bag, rings, necklace.

2. For the Young at Heart

Products: sweater, skirt, tights, socks, blue heels, black heels, black booties, bag, clips, earrings.


This outfit is great for that off season between autumn and winter – when mornings can be chilly or rainy and afternoons are still warm. A skirt with a fitted waist and a flared shape will draw attention to the waistline while creating a silhouette of long legs.

With light black tights and knee high socks (think Sailor Moon’s everyday look – a cute jacket or sweater with shorts/skirt and Mary Janes with cute socks), this combination is instantly cute and warm enough for autumn without being too bundled up. Paired with statement heels, a pretty necklace, and a cute pulled up hairstyle, this outfit is childhood approved.



3. I-Mean-Business Style

Products: sweater, skirt, pants, flats, heels, bag, watch, hair elastics.

A fitted skirt or a pair of slim trousers instantly elevates your style to a business – casual level that is appropriate for club meetings, a co-op job, or meeting with a professor for assignment help. To contrast a slightly baggy sweater, a pair of pinstriped trousers with a slim cut or a longer skirt with a close fit will add length to your figure while looking professional.

Shoes with a print in a similar colour to the featured sweater will give a pop of vibrancy. I’ve paired the skirt with shoes in a similar floral print that remains cohesive, but mixes prints in a fun way. Low heels or flats will keep you comfortable when on the move during busy days. Along with a large bag, perfect for holding a laptop and some snacks, as well as a professional looking smart watch that will keep you on schedule and in sync with your phone. Last but not least, hair elastics with a metallic accent also keep your hair out of your face while looking glam.

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4. Late To Class Look

Products: sweater, joggers, trench, sandals, bag, bracelet, travel mug

Most people hate getting up early to be greeted by zombie like students and droning professors, so it can be super tempting to roll out of the door in pjs with a coffee and blanket in tow. For early mornings, a soft pair of joggers feel just like pjs, but the pattern has an added edginess and instantly makes a lazy outfit more put together. A pair of sheik sandals is also easy to grab and run out the door, and won’t require extra effort when you’re still struggling to walk. Grab a long trench for a more dramatic silhouette, and you’re ready to take on the busiest of mornings. Minimal jewelry is totally optional, but a cute travel mug to hold a steamy drink is mandatory, as well as a tote to carry notes and a granola bar for a boost of energy.



5. Stuck In The Library Style

Products: sweater, leggings, boots, headband, necklace, headphones, tote, journal, post it notes, calendar

Sheer accents, leather and trendy accessories are staples for any it girl’s style. A sheer paneled pair of leggings, leather combat boots, and a choker necklace add instant cool to a comfortable ensemble – perfect for studying and getting serious work done on assignments. A transparent tote also allows you to organize your bag, and see all of your supplies so you aren’t scrambling for your phones or losing your pens (again). As an added bonus, a cute headband will keep your hair from falling into your notes without damaging your hair. For extra cool girl vibes, pair with large headphones to tune out any unwanted noise while studying.


What are your favourite ways of how to style a college sweater ? Share your styles in the comments below!

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