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How To Prepare For A Night Out In University

How To Prepare For A Night Out In University

Nights out in university are something all students look forward to. After all the studying we do, we deserve some partying.

Anyone who lives away for university knows that nights out are the best days of the week. Of course university is for studying and getting an education; but, when moving to a university town, you should enjoy everything the experience has to offer. This includes getting involved on campus, joining clubs, taking advantage of the resources your school has to offer … and for a lot of people, experiencing the party scene. Here are the essentials for preparing for a night out in university:

Homework (sigh)

It’s always a good idea to make sure you’re setting aside some time to do homework before a night out. It is not a lie that partying can get in the way of school, so it’s important that you’re managing your time efficiently to make sure that you’re getting everything done ahead of time. It’s no fun when Sunday night comes and you’ve got four days of school work to finish in one day, so it’s best to grind it out prior to preparing for your night, and then rewarding yourself with some fun.

Shower: Shave, Exfoliate, Wash Hair…

It is probably not the best idea to wait until too late to shower, because after all of the things us girls do before going out, it may take some time. This step can literally take up to an hour – believe it or not – and that doesn’t even include the time we need to chill in our towels followed by blowdrying our hair.


Eat: something not too light, not too heavy

Drinking water before a night out is really beneficial, because alcohol dehydrates us. As important as it is to drink water throughout the night, it is also helpful prior to the night as well. As for food, a good meal before drinking usually includes hydrating vegetables and some source of protein. For example, I usually eat a garden/greens salad accompanied by a small piece of chicken or an egg. You don’t want to eat anything too heavy either… and I think we all know why.


For most girls, doing our makeup is even more fun than actually going out. It may sound lame to some, but a lot of us look forward to a night out because of the sole purpose of getting ready for it! I enjoy watching makeup tutorials/ YouTube videos (such as: Olivia Jade, Margot Lee…) during this step or blasting some really loud music. Sharing a mirror with your friends or roommates or doing each others makeup can also make getting ready that much more fun.


One of the hardest parts. I know it’s easy to fall into the mindset that you need a new outfit every time you go out, but believe me, no one is going to remember what you wore to the bar three weeks ago. Put on that body suit and move on. Just remember, everyone is going to be drunk, and have probably worn their outfits 15 times before. It’s important to check the dress code of the place you’re attending as well!

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Did you really go out if you didn’t take a selfie? This deserves its own step, because this can sometimes take a really long time. But, I mean, after all the work it takes to get ready for a night out, its totally worth it.

Pre (not too hard)

Limit yourself here, you want to get in the bar! But, you also don’t want to be entering a drunk environment sober. It’s a tough decision of how much and what to drink, but it’s all about knowing your limits! (Read my article on alcohol limits here.)


Party (hard)

No explanation needed.

How do you prepare for a night out at University? Tell us in the comments below!

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