How To Know If The Guy You’re Talking To Is ACTUALLY A Fuck Boy

Face it. We’ve all been there. A cute guy starts talking to you and you think he has potential, but then you find out that those sweet good morning text messages were being sent to five other girls. To most of us, this can be a big blow to the ego. You see, fuck boys have a way of messing with your mind in order to get what they want which is usually sex. But how can you even tell if what he’s saying to you he actually means, or if it’s all just apart of his plan? I have concocted a list of things to be on the lookout for, which may potentially mean that the guy you’re talking to is, indeed, a fuck boy.

1. He Plays Games With You:

No, not video games, games with your mind. The classic playing hard to get, which makes you want somebody more because of how much their ignoring you. It’s easy to fall for. Fuck boys like making girls chase them by doing exactly this. Ignoring messages, leaving you on seen, posting pics with their “girl” friends. It’s all apart of the games. If a guy starts doing this to you just drop him. He’s not worth the chase, especially knowing that he’s probably doing the same damn thing to the other girls he’s trying to get with.

2. He Has History:

Once a cheater, always a cheater. If this guy is trying to convince you that the reasons he cheated on his last girlfriend were “justifiable”, leave. Right now. If you’ve seen how he’s behaved with other girls in the past and think that he’s going to treat you differently, he wont. Girls are always trying to make up excuses for these guys when in reality a) there shouldn’t be excuses in the first place and b) you shouldn’t have to CONVINCE your friends as to why you’re seeing him.


3.  He’s Older:

How many of us have said they’ve sworn off guys their own age because they think they’re too immature and would rather an older man? I know I’ve said it. In reality this isn’t entirely correct. Guys have picked up on this, and will use their older age to pull younger girls. Older guys will sometimes take advantage of the fact that you’re younger, maybe even a little innocent and use it to get what they want. I mean, how much does a 25 year old have in common with an 18 year old? Let’s be real here.

4. He Only Hits You Up Late At Night:

This should be a given but those late night texts asking for you to come over aren’t because he wants to have a heart to heart. If this guy is only asking to hang out when the sun goes down he is a grade A fuck boy.

5. His Texting Is Incoherent:

So you’ve been talking to this guy but his texting never really follows a pattern. Sometimes the conversation will last all day while other days you’ll be lucky to get a text or two. If a guy is seriously into you there would be a pattern formed. Usually when you start talking to somebody new you start to memorize their schedule, but fuck boys don’t really have a schedule. Their skewed texting is their way of showing that you don’t mean all that much to them.

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6. He Doesn’t Want To Hang Out In Groups:

“No baby let’s just chill at my place” something you’ve been hearing a little too much of lately. Why does he never want to introduce you to his friends? and why is he always flaking when you invite him out with your friends? Somebody who DOESN’T make an effort to meet the people you care about is a big red flag. It means he’s only thinking things between you guys is temporary and is probably hiding you away until he’s had enough.

7. He’s A Little Too Smooth:

He seems to know what to say and when to say it almost all to frequently. As if it’s been programmed into him like a classically conditioned response. You tell him you’re not feeling well and right away he knows what to buy. You tell him your hopes and dreams and somehow his align quite similarly to yours. You tell him what you’re looking for in a man and suddenly he’s your Prince Charming. He’s the type of guy to make you fall asleep wondering where he’s been all your life. Sure, sometimes this guy turns out to be legitimate but if he’s anything like the above points I’ve mentioned than you know it’s all just an act.

Do you have any experience or tips from dating a fuck boy? Share in the comments below!
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