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How To Keep Your Fridge Picture Perfect

How To Keep Your Fridge Picture Perfect

How To Keep Your Fridge Picture Perfect

February is coming to an end, and honestly, we can’t wait for the spring to start! Where is spring, there is a fresh start – and it’s never bad to occasionally clean up and organize some things in our lives, including fridges. Sometimes fridges can look, feel (and smell, lol) even messier than your own life, so for that reason we have gathered several tips and tricks for you to clean up your fridge and keep it picture perfect!

1. Put the healthiest products on the most visible place

Studies have shown that when opening the refrigerator, in three cases out of four, we take the first thing that catches the eye. Because of this habit, your favorite products, which are not always healthy, appear on the most prominent shelves. Make a “permutation”: vegetables, lean meat, dairy products – on the upper shelves (so that they are at eye level), and all “forbidden” and unhealthy products – on the lower level.

How To Keep Your Fridge Picture Perfect


2. Keep food that goes well together in the same place

What goes perfect together in the finished dish should lie side by side in the refrigerator. Make some of these favorite combinations (like avocado and tomatoes, or yogurt, nuts, and fresh fruit), and they will always remind you of themselves and it won’t take much time deciding what to cook or have for a snack.

3. Use small containers.

It is easy to overdo it with your favorite products, and if you are on a diet or just watching out what you eat –it is important to control what you eat. Use small containers for storing ready-made meals and transporting them to work or school- in this case, you are unlikely to eat more than what is allowed. An additional point – your fridge will always look organized, neat and not «overcrowded».

How To Keep Your Fridge Picture Perfect


4. Write out dates

it is better to buy all your Perishable vegetables and fruits at once and immediately eat them. But if you only can visit the grocery store once a week and then store them in the refrigerator, just write the date of purchase on the package, container or a bag. This little trick will help control shelf life, and you will no longer have to throw anything away.

5. Put your greens in the water

Do not hide the greens in the refrigerator – put them in a jar of water on the table. First of all, they will last longer. Secondly, the greens will always be visible and you will often add them into your food. Finally, you can simply tear off a few leaves and eat them (and these are useful vitamins and a minimum of calories). Just do not forget to change the water in the jar every two days, and your fridge won’t be crowded with all those greens that you keep forgetting to eat.

6. Cook and sort your grains ahead

Imagine that for lunch you have planned to eat half a cup of rice. You will start to cook it and accidentally put more rice than you need. What happens in this case with excess rice? With a 90% probability, you will think: “Well, I can’t throw them out” – and eat everything at once. But when already prepared rice or other grains lie in the refrigerator in the container (sorted out by portions), everything will be organized and you will be less likely to overeat.

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7. Buy yogurt

Along with oats, greek yogurt is the best breakfast that doesn’t take much space and should always be in your fridge. We recommend choosing plain yogurt, full fat or 0% (depending on preferences), and without fillers or sweeteners. If you like it sweet, then add fresh fruit or some honey/maple syrup. Yogurt will also be an excellent alternative to sour cream, which during weight loss should still be excluded from the diet.

8. Cook convenient protein for the whole week at once

If you decide not only to keep your fridge as clean and neat as possible, but also lose weight or gain muscle mass – Cook your convenient protein (eggs, chicken) for several days at once, clean them and hide in a container in the refrigerator. Now natural protein will always be at your fingertips – you can add it to a salad, make a sandwich in the morning, or eat just like that. Your fridge will be less crowded and you will save time on cooking.


How To Keep Your Fridge Picture Perfect

9. Do not throw away food

Once a week, arrange a clean up in the refrigerator: check the dates and remove the open cans and packages that have been standing for a long time. Try to do this before the products are completely spoiled and you have to throw them away. In the meantime, if they are still edible, quickly cook something tasty for lunch or dinner so that you don’t have to throw away good food (or clog up your fridge).

Do you have any other helpful tips for organizing your kitchen or fridge? Leave the, in the comments below.
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