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How To Get Student Discounts In Canada

How To Get Student Discounts In Canada

Education is expensive no matter where you go to school, which is why students leap with joy when they can get student discounts canada. Canada is well known for being a country that inspires all individuals to pursue an educational background. In Toronto alone there are more than a dozen universities and colleges in main cities and in the suburbs. You can’t turn a corner in Ontario without seeing a post-secondary school. However, the cost of living in Canada is killer and many students can’t afford regular prices.

1. Student ID

Many restaurants and stores offer student discounts canada to any student whether they are from high school or college/university. All you need is a piece of student id. You simply show your student id to the retail clerk or the barista and they will take off a certain percentage for you. Some companies will provide specific discounts for students, but mostly all companies offer discounts to students in general.  If there is not a discount in your purchase, there is usually a perk where students can have an extended period of time to refund/exchange their products, or even be invited to specific events.

How To Get Student Discounts In Canada

2. SPC Card

A big student discounts canada loyalty program is the SPC Card. Short for Student Pricing Card, SPC is a Canadian loyalty discounts program that allows students to obtain discounts on fashion, food, shoes and much more. It is very easy to use! All students have to do is show their card to participating locations before their final purchase to obtain the discount. If students are not sure about where to use the card, it comes with a small pamphlet with the names of participating locations. At the same time, participating locations have the SPC card logo somewhere on their cashier. These locations are also the place where you can buy the card, if you do not want to purchase the card online.

How To Get Student Discounts In Canada

3. University/College Campus

You can obtain a variety of student discounts canada in most universities/colleges, as many of the campuses have career fairs or events that happen throughout the semester. Usually companies surrounding your college come here to hand out coupons to students or offer free meals to students if they talk to them for a few minutes. This is a great way for students to obtain a discount if they are too busy with work or school, or maybe buy their clothes online. Unfortunately, most student discounts wth the SPC card and student ID are only useful if you visit the store physically. For this reason, school campuses are a great source for obtaining student discounts.

How To Get Student Discounts In Canada

4. Streaming Discounts

Some streaming services have added Canadian universities to their list of recipients for the student discounts canada prices. If you are a student in canada, you can obtain a student account for $4.99 a month for Spotify and Apple Music. For colleges/universities, you log onto Spotify Canada and click student account. Here they will ask you to put the university name and graduation year. Depending on the circumstance, they might even ask you to log on to your school account/email as proof within their system. Do not worry, it is all safe. They simply need to make sure you are actually a student.

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How To Get Student Discounts In Canada

5. Universities/Programs

Before you purchase anything for school, look to see if companies have offered your school/program student discounts canada. What does this mean? Depending on if your program/school uses specific technology, some companies will sell specific licenses to them for student to use. For example, Ryerson University offers their students free Microsoft Office! All students need to do is log on with their Ryerson student id and they have it downloaded on their computer instantly. If you work with media products such as microphones and DSLR cameras, your program may have purchased a few for students to rent out for free as well. Almost do some research on the perks and benefits your school/program offer you before you purchase anything big.

How To Get Student Discounts In Canada

Are you excited for school or the student discounts canada? Are there any discounts we forgot to mention? Please comment them down below!

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