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How To Fit In At An Art School When You’re Not Artsy

How To Fit In At An Art School When You’re Not Artsy

How To Fit In At An Art School When You're Not Artsy

I am not exactly the artsiest gal in town. So fitting in with the art school crowd that populate my program can be difficult.  I don’t draw little doodles in my notebook and listen to unknown punk bands. But I am a journalism student so I do have to attempt to blend.

1. Wear Mustard

Mustard is the universal symbol for the art hoe aesthetic. The basis for faking being artistic is dressing the part.

You can not change your brain to fight for every cause and constantly reference Freida Kalo. If you happen to have a Fjallraven Kanken in mustard then you instantly gain 1000 points.


2. The Hat Thing

You know that thing where they roll the hat and then it looks like the top of the penis? That is a very common trend among the art kids.

This hat trend is very confusing mainly because it is cold. Like damn, cover your ears its cold. But to fully be emersed into this subculture this trend is ideal.

3. Vans

Vans really are a staple in any and every wardrobe, but for the art aesthetic that is ideal in this environment, vans are a necessity.


Not the new vans, the originals.  Any color will do but an orangey or army green pair will be perfect to blend.

4. Rolled Jeans

This is not your everyday generic rolled jean. This is like above the ankle or a large cuff. To add to this notorious look add a colorful pair of socks that are almost ugly but are not.

5. Indie Music

Indie music in itself is a widespread genre that has many subcategories that would indicate that it is artsy.


Basically, any music that isn’t considered mainstream and this is necessarily a bad thing. I have learned from being kind of an art student that it is about helping smaller artist this also includes music.

6. Look of Disdain

You really have to look like you know you will be poor. Just angry at the fact that you are not in law school and the starving artist will be the epitome of you. Or scared.

7. Be Vegan

Veganism is a topic within itself. But having a general knowledge of the food industry and being food conscious will suffice.


Bonus if you can have a full conversation regarding animal cruelty and how hot dogs are made.

8. Unconventional Technology

To really fit in in arts school unconventional technology is the key. I have a GameCube and it is my baby. Like if you’re rocking a DS that’s perfect. Or a pager. Ya, that’s hot.

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9. Lots of pins

These can be any type, comic related, heavy metal bands, or hello kitty. If it is on the spectrum of unconventional then get a shit ton of pins and put them everywhere. Jackets, backpacks, pencil cases. Be that guy.

10. Doc Martens

The funny part of this trend is that Doc Martens are hella expensive. People will say they thrifted them but really they bought them consignment for 65$ on sale.

These are cute and reminiscent of the 90s which is back. Art school students are very nostalgic even then ones that were born in 99.


11. Polaroid (Vintage)

A vintage camera of any kind will do. The Polaroid cameras that they sell at Urban Outfitters is a good place to start but to reach the maximum potential it has to be vintage.

If it doesn’t work and is just for decoration then extra points. The point is to have the aesthetic of an art school student.

12. Thrifted Clothes

Value Village is my home. I am cheap and broke. Most students do thrift but if most of your wardrobe is thrifted, consignment or vintage you will fit in.


80s and 90s attire are very acceptable as well as the minimalist hipster. Earth tones are a great place to start.

Art school is a hard place to navigate with the subsections of artsy that are forever present. Comment your chameleon ways down below.
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